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How to search and replace text in bulk?
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How to search and replace text in bulk?

Hi everyone,

I know this is not directly related with hosting, but I really need help to on this. So I hope people don’t mind for me to post this here and if you can help, it would be great!

I have a client that gave me one list in Excel with their quotes from past years and now I have to organize it by renaming some values on the list as the example I leave bellow:

List Example:

What I need to do is to find and replace all values like for example “SAC” to “NEW-SAC”.

This is easy to do with Excel or even the Windows Text Editor….for one or a few terms. But the problem is that this are huge lists and I have to find a replace almost 500 terms.

Making it manually one by one in Excel will take many hours and this is something I will need to do to other clients in the future.

What I need is a tool or a way where I can add multiple terms in bulk and then replace all then at once.

So does anyone knows a way to do this in a fast way? Any software, online tool, etc..?



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