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Pi or Orange or? - Page 3
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Pi or Orange or?



  • ODROID-XU4 has USB3.0 ports (not hanging off a hub) and a GbE ethernet onboard.

  • ardaarda Member

    @rajprakash said:
    Why switch? I haven't had a need for a windows "server" at home. Anything I want to run runs great on a variety of "Pi" devices.

    I host a Plex server inside home, and even XU-4 wasn't powerful enough to transcode 1080p movies.

    Apart from that, I was so happy with Odroid XU-4. Gbit and USB3 support was my main reason I got XU-4 in the first place. USB3 ports would give me ~90 megabytes/sec network transfer.

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  • TheLinuxBugTheLinuxBug Member
    edited May 2017

    My turn to necro a bit. Figured I would share a project that a small group of people have been working on that is for the Allwinner H3 (Orange Pi H3 SoC) based SBC's and this seemed to be a good place.

    H3Droid - an Android image developed specifically to work on Allwinner H3 devices!

    There has also been some talk about it over on's forum.

    This is an Android image made specifically for Allwinner H3/H2+ SoC's and has been tested most with Orange Pi H3 based boards. If you have one, check it out!

    You can see our F.A.Q and About The Project pages for more information.

    If you have time to test it and provide feedback it would be appreciated!

    @deadbeef @mailcheap @brian777 @rajprakash @rm_ @KuJoe @texteditor


  • Awesome! Looks very promising.

  • GauthierGauthier Member
    edited May 2017

    @TheLinuxBug I saw you spotted our upcoming project Helios4. Well good news we are finally live on kickstarter :

    You can also visit our official page :

    Let me know if you have any question on the technical side.
    @deadbeef @texteditor


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  • Gauthier said: You can also visit our official page

    I'm not going that way, but damn those look good. :)

  • deadbeefdeadbeef Member
    edited May 2017

    @Gauthier said:
    @TheLinuxBug I saw you spotted our upcoming project Helios4. Well good news we are finally live on kickstarter :

    @TheLinuxBug Before I pledge, are you backing this one or? What is your advice?

  • @deadbeef for me this unfortunately comes a little late as I purchased 2 ESPRESSOBins which filled the void for me. Now I did have to get an additional PCIe SATA board for a total of 3 SATA ports (you can get an PCIe card that has a SAS header that provides 4 additional ports as well for a bit more money ~$35). Also, the ESPRESSOBin has only 800Mhz cores and 1GB RAM (2GB is optional I chose 1GB) where as Helios4 will have 1.8Ghz cores and 2GB ram from the start.

    ESPRESSOBin provides 3 x 1Gbit nics attached to a 2.5Gbit backplane.. if the extra gigabit nics are important or you also wanted to use it for routing the ESPRESSOBin is a bit better for that. Helios4 only provides 1 x 1 Gbit nic.

    All this said here is what the Helios4 has going for it that nothing else in this class of board does:
    1. 4 REAL SATA ports
    2. On-board power supply for all 4 supported drives
    3. A beautiful case with good air flow in a compact design (assuming you choose the pledge that supplies the case)
    4. SATA power adapters (ESPRESSOBin only has a single MOLEX power port)
    5. 4 SATA cables
    6. Already partnered with Armbian and is planning to give back to Armbian (this is always a plus in my book!)

    Now, in the end you can pay less for the ESPRESSOBin and likely accomplish what you are wanting, but you have to get all the bells and whistles separately your self. So it is a trade off of cost vs convenience and also Helios4 has a more powerful CPU (if you need the extra power).


    If I didn't already have 2 ESPRESSOBin's (well one, with one on the way) I would likely pledge for the Helios4 without thinking about it twice. It looks like a brilliant design and it will definitely be a performant board.

    My 2 cents.


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  • Gauthier said: @TheLinuxBug I saw you spotted our upcoming project Helios4. Well good news we are finally live on kickstarter :

    You can also visit our official page :

    Yeah, I like to stalk Tkaiser a bit around and hang out in #linux-sunxi on Freenode so got to see your original post on the Helios4 and shared it here. I was/am really excited about it, I just don't have the budget at this time to pledge as I have invested in other solutions currently. That said, I think you guys have a great product that will fill a niche that has been lacking in well support boards!

    Good luck!


  • @TheLinuxBug, well thanks for the fair comparison between ESPRESSOBin and Helios4.

    There are definitively a lot of boards out there that address so many different needs, but I hope people will realize that we got strong advantages when considering building a NAS around an ARM SoC.

  • @TheLinuxBug said:


    Thank you!

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