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Whats the Demand for Xen like ? Or KVM
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Whats the Demand for Xen like ? Or KVM

VmlITVmlIT Member
edited August 2011 in General

We looking to launch our LEB for XEN or KVM

Which would be more in demand.. KVM Is pretty new but would like to know what you guys think.



  • InfinityInfinity Member, Host Rep

    It is a popular trend at the moment, I personally prefer them over OVZ.

  • KVM is definitely the perfect compromise between OVZ and Xen.

  • I won't touch OpenVZ but that's just what I'm used to using so that's just me. :)

  • I would have to agree with @craigcabrey. KVM is definitely a nice mix of the two :)

  • Would some of you en-light us with a little bit more details? I'm more than ok with a good OpenVZ provider... What can I/should I expect with a KVM?


  • I have just been going and looking and it seems everyone sells KVM/XEN a bit more expensive that OpenVZ.

    The obvious reason is you cannot really oversell KVM/XEN ? And its more of a true virtualisation compared to openvz.

  • KVM is no more of a comp between OpenVZ and XEN considering the emulation etc is basically the same. XEN and KVM perf is identical from my testing.

    And just to toss this out there someone could oversell the "wheels off the wagon" with KVM on the RAM side. It's storage that is fixed due to the way the storage is setup.

    Which ironically with KVM the same as XEN. If you carve out 10GB of storage in a LVM for a guest then that is it.. Storage is fixed for both. Once it is used ... its used. You can't say well guests 1 15 and 31 are only using 30% of their storage and oversell gambling on the fact they will not use the other 70%. If you only have 100GB on presented to the host then you can sell 10 10GB guests and that is it.

    If you take a 16GB host node and give it 16GB of SWAP (lunacy) then you could (minus overhead) sell 32GB of KVM guests. Sure, performance would tank at those levels but at a smaller level like 2 to 4GB --- very possible. And I'm certain the next great host to come along will try it one day. ;)

    XEN can not be oversold really on both fronts. XEN has to use a balloon driver to reclaim RAM from other guests and it does not do a good job with it.

    On a personal note I would rather (think of the worst thing you can) than screw around with XEN.

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  • From my own long but so partial experience, I don't know so many people using more than a little part of their "available" resources.... So, as long as overselling is smart (that's the tough part, I admit), it keeps an understandable lower price.

    No war declaration intended :-)

  • @Brandon_eNetSouth

    thanks for your time to explain all that. yes, i have some test with KVM + SWAP (1 SSD) and trying to overload all memory resource 4GB x 8 in 24GB node. they have decent result. :D i'm just wondering. when the SSD die, what is the worst situation i'm facing with it? so, until now, i still prefer to not selling the SWAP as "memory".

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