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Wordpress for company website? - Page 2
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Wordpress for company website?



  • Even though I don't use WordPress, but in my sites I rarely update the script if I use one, that is the reason why 99% of time I stay under mercy of hackers/abusers of any level by using latest vulnerabilities to jump in smoothly! If I update as LEA says and better be the same day each update comes out, I'm sure 99% of such hacking to my site can be avioded.

    But luckily I keep regular backups else where, and I make sure they are safe. Keep a backup in my PC as well for the core website data which isn't too big in size.

    I think WordPress will be suited and also depending on the nature and content of your website. There are other CMPs than WordPress, I'm sure you can get CMP that is already built specifically to suit companies,e-commerce..and etc, but probably Wordpress can do as well.

  • dotbendotben Member
    edited August 2011

    LowEndAdmin said: I am not sure what @dotben does, but sounds like it's the kind of service his company provides.

    Yeah, I've intentionally not mentioned the name of my company - not wanting to plug - but we start at $50/month for CDN'd/premium support orientated accounts (and go up to $k's/month).

    At $50 we're mostly b2b but we do have some individuals. Many small businesses such as doctor offices or law firms have no on-site tech people so the $50 to square off all technical and operational burden is a value to them. We also host the blogs of a lot of Internet startups, large retailers, etc.

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