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Self-build CDN test
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Self-build CDN test

oceanocean Member
edited April 2013 in General

I've build a basic cdn system ( w/o any traffic counting or control panel )
Anybody have some personal site want to try it?
US east/west, EU and asia have node ( Not too much but that's not bad. )
Please pm me if you want to try.
( Only accept personal website/blog. )


  • AmfyAmfy Member
    edited April 2013

    Nice, was also building one, but with traffic counting and control panel/api :P If you like, we can share some details, etc? Are you on IRC somewhere?

  • oceanocean Member
    edited April 2013

    Let's share some just-ping test result.

  • danodano Member

    I also have a little cdn project I am working on - it up now with parts of a control panel built(php/mysql), but no traffic accounting.

  • oceanocean Member

    Amfy, You have your scripts to operate it or any exist cdn software?

  • AmfyAmfy Member

    @ocean said: Amfy, You have your scripts to operate it or any exist cdn software?

    Everything written on my own, even the webserver running on the slaves/PoPs :) Network is also anycasted, etc

  • oceanocean Member

    dano, If only some operation like change the source ip or the cname, it easy.
    Just make a mysql table and cron it to sync the config file between the node.

  • oceanocean Member

    "Network is also anycasted", that's high end things!~
    Your cdn running in business?

  • danodano Member

    Yep, that is pretty much the plan, to have the config that lives in the db, to be flushed out to config files for dns/web cache servers proxies, and then synced via the an old fashioned rsync, possibly a shared fs, or possibly config management like puppet/chef.

    No anycast here (I wish, now I'm jealous!)

    Just running as a proof of concept at the moment -- may use it for a business partners site, but it would be for just making sure static content was snappy, until it could prove it's worth or prove to be a POS, whichever come first :)

  • oceanocean Member

    Shared fs will it case the config file crash or sync some wrong thing?
    Multi HA server rsync the config to each Pop/node is better I thing, atleast the fs crash/down won't case the cdn down. And all the Pop/node can working seprately, even the controler down or unreach.

  • danodano Member

    Correct- that was also my idea - fs could* go down and render all services toast - of course, you could always use something like glusterfs to help with those situations I suppose. Currently, my regular dns system is not relying on any other systems, and uses replication for records(mysql), and that works quite well for me, so I am sure I will do similar when the time comes to go live(have configs live on the local machine).

  • oceanocean Member

    I think the fail-over feature is more important than any other thing.

  • gbshousegbshouse Member, Host Rep

    Few ideas regarding CDN (considering good DNS usage)

    • use DNS' API to produce TXT record for each node which will contain current timestamp/hash/version of filesystem (it can be CDN's main dir hash or last update timestamp),
    • use GeoDNS,
    • use external monitoring together with failover,
      We have skipped CDN for now ...
  • AmfyAmfy Member

    @gbshouse said: - use GeoDNS,

    Correct, would also recommend that for CDN. Anycast is a nice feature for some things (like DNS), but (except you are Cloudflare and have a high budget to do everything needed) you should be able to control it better to which PoP your visitors are redirected with GeoDNS. You will be also able to use any provider and not one of the very few which can offer you BGP.

    @gbshouse said: - use external monitoring together with failover,

    Have to agree with you once again, but that should be done for any productive application :)

  • Anycast is not for everyone and is not LowEnd for sure. I second the opinion to use GeoDNS instead of Anycast, unless you plan to launch some big enterprise service.

  • GeoDNS is great, especially Rage4's. Using their nearest-first for a ghetto streaming CDN.

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