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FreeBSD on OVH - virtualizor
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FreeBSD on OVH - virtualizor

vpsGODvpsGOD Member, Host Rep

I have a server setup via virtualizor(KVM Vps)

Created a VPS with feeebsd iso and I am struck on network part.

Used viritio for network inside vps.

DHCP not picking up
Tried static IP assignment it also failing to ping

Anyone experienced in FreeBSD on ovh offer some help via comment or PM


  • pbgbenpbgben Member, Host Rep

    DHCP? You need to read the failover IP documentation perhaps?

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  • Maybe you can look documentation from virtualizor.

  • vpsGODvpsGOD Member, Host Rep

    @pgben I have done same config . But no route found for ping

    @premiumfast_net I am find difficulty on network connection inside a FreeBSD VPS

  • What does output of ip a show?

    Thanked by 1vpsGOD
  • WebProjectWebProject Host Rep, Veteran

    DHCP is working with some distributions like Centos 7 (don't need to enter any network details), you will need to create the MAC address for specific IP and enter the same details in virtualizor or solusvm control panel

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  • launchvpslaunchvps Member, Patron Provider

    To elaborate a bit... You can change your virtual mac addresses for your additional IPs by logging into the OVH portal, selecting your IPs, clicking the gear on the right side of the IP, and finally clicking "Add Virtual Mac". This will take a minute to complete. But in a few moments you will see a MAC address has been added for this IP.

    You then need to add that new MAC address to the configuration for the IP in Virtualizor.

    Once the MAC is updated for your virtual machine, network connectivity should function properly.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanked by 1vpsGOD
  • vpsGODvpsGOD Member, Host Rep

    No route found on ping

    @WebProject the server part I have done correctly. I can use centos or Debian for Vps and it works good.

    But FreeBSD failing to recognise the network. I followed the ovh IP model inside FreeBSD and no luck to make it up

  • vpsGODvpsGOD Member, Host Rep
    edited November 2016

    @launchvps the basic server setup I am ok with it

    I have issue inside FreeBSD only

    In centos or Debian Vps i able to get the network

    FreeBSD rc.conf

    ifconfig_em0="inet 164.132.67.x netmask broadcast 164.132.67.x"
    static_routes="net1 net2"
    route_net1="-net 149.202.x.254/32 164.132.67.x"
    route_net2="default 149.202.x.254"

  • vpsGODvpsGOD Member, Host Rep

    I can offer $10 for who able to fix the network issue

    Skype : webdotz

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