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HeroicVPS - KVM 512MB or 2x 256MB $7 [Ashburn/Phoenix]
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HeroicVPS - KVM 512MB or 2x 256MB $7 [Ashburn/Phoenix]

HC_RoHC_Ro Member
edited April 2013 in Offers



Phoenix, AZ - PhoenixNAP
Ashburn, VA - PhoenixNAP

Benchmark disclosures: Taken on live nodes phx 60% capacity ash 10% 1 run

What you get:

Ram: 512MB
Disk: 30GB (raid 10, of course)
CPUs: 2 (E5 2620)
IPv4: 2
IPv6: No
Bandwidth: 1TB


Direct Link:
(billing area not on same domain)

VPS limit of 2 included.

This means that you may cut out your VMs from available resources.

Example Configuration:

2x 256MB RAM / 15GB Disk / 500GB BW
1x 384 1x 128
1x 512 - All Available Resources

Unfortunately the ability to pool cross locations is not available however we can accommodate that manually if you wish.


PayPal(Subscription!), Google, Liberty Reserve, Credit Card, Bitcoin
VMs are non refundable
Pro-Rata Billing -


HeroicVPS is part of the Spinikr group. A registered corporation in US/TN. We have been selling shared/reseller hosting since 2009 under

Test IP: (on request)
Support - Ticket System
VMs are managed at your direction
rDNS on request (sorry, working on it!)

Please email [email protected] for more information.

(go easy on this leb offer virgin)

First 3 people who order and post here with their invoice # gets presents.


  • Invoice no. 2013040710639

  • yomeroyomero Member
    edited April 2013

    Interesting platform.
    Unfortunately I don't need it now, but probably I will take one soon

  • @yomero which platform? Am blind

  • @peppr said: @yomero which platform? Am blind

    In their site they mention that you have a pool of resources, and you manage that spliting for multiple virtual servers.
    In the order form you can increase that number.

    I wonder if you can create servers without public IPs, so I can just mantain the 2 public IPs and pay for extra servers

  • Generally you get dynamic IP for extra servers if they don't provision private IP or vlan

  • Invoice: 2013040710645 :)

  • I've already try them. They're good. :D

  • First time I have played with KVM and its good - like the way you have the ability to build up 2 smaller VMs...saying that I am easily amused. Latency isn't bad from the UK either.

  • HC_RoHC_Ro Member

    @DStrout said: Invoice no. 2013040710639


    @Fatboy said: Invoice: 2013040710645 :)


    @budingyun said: I've already try them. They're good. :D

    If you are referring to one of our VMs, I appreciate the comment.

  • Testing.. INVOICE #2013040810660

  • HC_RoHC_Ro Member

    @imperio said: Testing.. INVOICE #2013040810660

    I was wondering if anyone was going to claim the third.


  • LeeLee Member

    Actually that's a decent offer, I like the way it can be split. Not sure about the name though Travis at Liquidweb already told the last person that had that name he would sue them if they used it as it's an infringement of his TM.

  • pubcrawlerpubcrawler Banned
    edited April 2013

    What? LiquidWeb will sue over use of the word Heroic as part of the company name? Pure insanity.

    I am sure there are a 1000 companies with Liquid trademarks out there that might like to munch on Liquidwebs a$$ for a while, while the lawyers work to dislodge the wallet from their pocket.

    Interesting offer... First I've seen of a divide the resources approach.

  • LeeLee Member
    edited April 2013

    @pubcrawler - nah, it the word heroic (as in Heroic Support), liquidweb own the TM to anything that contains the word heroic in conjunction with hosting services. So heroichosting, heroicvps and the like infringe their TM. There whole thing was raised on WHT when the last person tried to use it and [email protected] threatened that person.

    We checked out the TM database and they do indeed hold the TM on it.

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