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Do OVZ containers have port limitations?
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Do OVZ containers have port limitations?

risharderisharde Patron Provider, Veteran

Firstly, I would like to pay special thanks to all of you who helped with your offers for shared accounts in my last post a few months back. I do apologize that I have been away for so long and my lack of responses. I was actually very impressed by those who offered me a few free days - definitely you guys are better at tuning than I am on my own little cpanel set up (for personal use of course)

I have a question for OVZ providers out there...
Is there a limit to the number of port connections that can be made per ovz container?
I know theoretically the networking stacks can handle ~65000 connections but I'm interested to know if ovz containers have a hard limit. If so, what is considered "abuse" etc and what will cause suspensions.

This is before I test alpha software I'm building and before I purchase a few ovz containers. The software uses more and more connections with growth.

And no, this is not anything illegal or DDOS related in nature (the software that is)


  • dedicadosdedicados Member
    edited October 2016

    there are many threads for this on the web, but each port can handle multiple connections, an example is port 80, you can have a lot in a single port.

    i liked this answer:

    multiple clients can each have up to 64K connections to some server's port, and if the server has multiple ports or either is multi-homed then you can multiply that further.

    So the real limit is file descriptors. Each individual socket connection is given a file descriptor, so the limit is really the number of file descriptors that the system has been configured to allow and resources to handle. The maximum limit is typically up over 300K, but is configurable e.g. with sysctl.

  • risharderisharde Patron Provider, Veteran

    Hi @dedicados, thanks for responding. Yes I am aware of that but do providers limit that in any way?

  • Usually providers do not limit the usable ports but there are providers that block ports such as 25 due to valid reasons such as being abused for spam in the past and such.

  • risharderisharde Patron Provider, Veteran

    Thanks @Cartman appreciate the feedback

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