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ZPanel Diskquota showing -1 Bytes?
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ZPanel Diskquota showing -1 Bytes?

FreekFreek Member
edited April 2013 in Help

For those of you using ZPanel, have you encountered this 'bug' before? My Disk Quota in use is showing -1 Bytes, although I am using like 50GBs or so.
I ran the daemon to recalculate the disk usage, but it says '-1 Bytes'. No response yet from the official ZPanel forums (which seem to go up and down lately).
Another account I added has disk quotas calculated just fine. Just the main account doesn't.


  • Have you got quotas enabled (OpenVZ VPS?) if not you will need to request the host enables quotas.

  • FreekFreek Member

    I'm running this on a KVM VPS. A second account I added calculates disk quotas just fine :\

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