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Shoutcast server 128 kbps
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Shoutcast server 128 kbps


Any cheap offer shoutcast server lower than 30 eu for 128 kbps?


  • How many simultanuous listeners do you want to serve at most? If it's less than 20 Probably the cheapest VPS is sufficient already.
    There are also free hosted alternatives, though.

  • @JasperNL said:

    Max 300 and 10 gb AutoDj

  • And in EU location

  • I think it's the best to take a few (think: 2 or 3) VPS'es (allowing redundancy) with a decent network and set up a Shoutcast relay. You should be looking for a decent network and a decent CPU share, but RAM is not something to worry about.

    Here are some things that are on my head.

    BuyVM has a great name here, didn't try them.
    I like my Leaseweb 1GB box, so you can check that out.
    OVH may be working well, but I've had a bad experience with their VPS line (which is "classic 2014" atm). Lots of other people have had success with it.
    DigitalOcean 512MB droplets would be ok too.

    With your budget it is very easy to get a decent setup.

  • @JasperNL said:

    I want as shoutcast package, dont have a time to make it on own server

  • I don't know a lot about (non-free) shared shoutcast providers :P Sorry!

  • HyperSpeedHyperSpeed Member
    edited September 2016

    You're probably looking for something like;

    £5 GBP per month (approx €5.77) for 20GB auto DJ, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Listeners, upto 320KB/s (you can stream at 128 or above)

  • Shoutcast servers are going to be much more expensive over setting it up yourself on a VPS. Also, have you considered using Icecast instead?

  • IbericaHost has some cheap deals on those:

  • What music would you want to broadcast? I may wish to be a listener.

  • AlbaHostAlbaHost Member, Host Rep

    @Oldky pm'ed you about this.


  • Oldky said: Any cheap offer shoutcast server lower than 30 eu for 128 kbps?

    A yearly vps from ramnode if in EU, a cloud vps from prometeus (IWstack), the 1€/p from arubacloud or a cheap plan from Inception Hosting would do fine as a streamer. And it is just a 10 minute job to install an icecast or a shoutcast server, there!
    If you want help, I would glad to give (for free, of course!). Just pm'me.

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