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gSync (Borderlands 2) + Windows 10 Anniversary Problems
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gSync (Borderlands 2) + Windows 10 Anniversary Problems

So I have a small issue, My PC just updated to windows anniversary edition and it messed with my graphics drivers pretty good. I currently have the latest drivers installed. I had to re-enable SLI and reset my PhysX selection, gSync is enabled however when I load borderlands 2 into fullscreen mode it goes way over 144Hz line set my gSync. The red light in the bottom right hand side of my monitor is on.
No other game seems to reproduce the issue, doom runs fine, however the audio is strangely high pitched (Doesn't have any bass, sounds funny). I was told nVidia had separate drivers however I did not see these, and eventually I was told (by the same person) that the drivers had been mashed up into the same (370.90) version, however this is the driver version I used that caused these issues.
I have tried all of the other driver versions, including googling and finding 369.05 supposedly worked (Surprise - OS not supported, wouldn't install).

I am currently running a GTX 1080 SLI, Please do not suggest disabling SLI as I would rather run an old windows version than gimp my performance. Both cards are under water, and do not exceed 50*c.
Another thing you may want me to mention is, the game would exceed 300-400 fps, which may sound nice but feels rather stuttery and my display is only 144Hz, so it tears. This only occurs in Full-screen mode though, windowed border-less does not have the issue nor does Windowed, however I absolutely despise these settings.
I have tried setting gSync to work in windowed borderless and fullscreen, and in fullscreen only. Neither work.
I've tried everything, but I must resort to asking for help.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.


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