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CSS coders... Wanted.
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CSS coders... Wanted.

pubcrawlerpubcrawler Banned
edited March 2013 in Offers

Looking for some recommendations of folks here who have active design experience with emphasis on CSS and are actively taking on work/participating in projects.

Small, rather tiny CSS markup needed in coming month for a new project. No design or anything at this point. Going to be very simple.

Need someone to craft the CSS to dress it up and give some input to steer the design.

Feel free to recommend folks, yourself, etc. PM me if you want to keep it off the thread.


  • Is this a PSD -> HTML/CSS job?

  • pubcrawlerpubcrawler Banned
    edited March 2013

    No PSD. Strictly CSS.

    Window dressing text and elements. None of which exist, so maximum flexibility.

  • I am a php developer(i use css but i am not an expert) in my free time when i am not running my vps hosting. if you need help just message me and i will help where i can.

  • Thanks, will paperweight your name in my stack of folks @jstapleton.

  • @pubcrawler you want to use free html5 and css3 based templates licensed for commercial use under Creative Commons..whoever you hire will. THEN you get a developer to get it slapped together.

  • Why is this in offers? Am I wrong in assuming offers is for VPS offers?

  • Paying for such service? :)

  • IshaqIshaq Member

    @PhilND said: Paying for such service? :)

    I doubt anyone is going to do it for free.

  • Damnit these don't get bumper...

    Paying ======= Y.E.S.

    FREE ======= N.O.

    Does this belong in offers? Hell if I know.. We need J-O-B / W-O-R-K offers section.

    I struggle :)

  • I know css like the back of my hand. How can I help you?

  • I am well versed in CSS. PM me for any help :D

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