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HTTPZoom - DDOS node2
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HTTPZoom - DDOS node2

CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep
edited March 2013 in Providers

Hey There,

Looks like unfortunately we've been caught up in the DDOS attacks going around the UK.

We are working with the DC to see if we can find out the origin of the attacks.

Thank you,



  • Tis a shame buddy, best of luck to you. We feel your pain!

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    For the moment we have null routed the 2 IPs being attacked.

  • Darn it @httpzoom.

    Here's to you crushing the attack.

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    We are trying to get the source IPs to see if that'll help.

  • It's spoofed

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep
    edited March 2013

    Ah well, we will try our best.

    At the end of the day the customers will suffer from this happening as we really do not make any money from the service. Perhaps we are charging to little and have upset someone!

  • Yet another First Nd and now you guys. One more thread going in the same direction of talk.

  • @MikeIn I know of atleast 6 providers under the same attack, most of them at RS

  • It seems like every UK provider on here is going through this lately. @Patrick your DDoS fun stop?

  • PatrickPatrick Member
    edited March 2013

    @Patrick Yes since we moved.

    Attacks were mostly DNS Amplification, I had tried to reach out several incoming Ips and contacted the server providers they were not much help and a lot of those had a Kloxo default page which means they had open dns / recursive dns

  • @BradND said: @MikeIn I know of atleast 6 providers under the same attack, most of them at RS

    Why don't you guys start investigation together or file a complain to the police about this.
    So that the real culprit could be found.

    Alao what does RS means, is it the name of the Data Center, if then it would be bad time for them as well. :(

  • Wow, so you move to another facility and DDoS magically stops?

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    I am not getting attacked, seems to be OpenVZ only hosts, servers are in RS but not directly with RS so maybe that is why.... who knows.

  • NekkiNekki Veteran

    @MikeIn said: Alao what does RS means, is it the name of the Data Center


  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    I've also heard Redstation are taking a hit as well.

    Long and short is someone has too much time on their hands, or cannot run a business successfully and has to resort to "taking out competition".

  • Well if we are talking about RapidSwitch and Redstation, shouldn't be hard to start making list of providers on here and WHT in either...

    Would be a good start.

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    The problem with a witch hunt is sometimes they get out of control and end up harming innocent people!

  • AnthonySmithAnthonySmith Member, Patron Provider

    Just need to nominate 1 person for everyone to feed their information in to who can take a higher level overview of everything and do some cross comparison and research.

  • Witch hunts sure are effective for putting misdoers on notice.

    Like the deterrent of being armed. You don't see police getting mugged while on duty or military people? No one robs them, now do they?

    I'm glad to help whoever get together and get to the bottom of the matter. This UK provider attack has gone on for too long and screwed too many people.

  • PhilNDPhilND Member
    edited March 2013

    @BradND ^ I nominate you. ;)

  • 24khost24khost Member
    edited March 2013

    Problem with witch hunts is if they are not witches they still drowned or burn.

  • Oh those damn pagans and the witchhunt myth. :)

    It should be semi apparent quickly who is what... Not by massive prying into private details or anything either.

    I don't advocate ruination of whoever, just a stop and whatever legal action is due in response.

  • LeeLee Veteran

    As I have been saying to a few in hangout and other places, I suspect that LET is not the right place to announce DDoS attacks for UK providers, it almost seems like whoever is doing it is waiting for the confirmation here that it's causing issues which then leads to more attacks.

  • Alternatively any UK guys who want to converse feel free to email me at bradley@ and we'll get a hangout going, there has been some discussions going on but not everyone has joined in.

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    I'd rather be open an honest if our service is down.

  • LeeLee Veteran

    Nothing wrong with being honest but go to your customers directly. Just my 2c

  • @httpzoom said: For the moment we have null routed the 2 IPs being attacked.

    This is not an ideal solution to mitigation, and is indeed not any form of direct mitigation for a DDOS, Just saying, Google it

    INFRASTRUCTURE ... No No No, Just learn, Back on the horse, Moving on ..

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    @natestamm for the VPS we provide should a DDOS happen we will be null routing.

    It'd be great to go out a spend $1000's on mitigation, however our prices would rise and that isn't what we are trying to do.

  • True. Nulls will suffice and not break the bank. Hate the impact to user/customer.

    Still holding my breath and waiting for a widescale DDoS mitigation firm to get in the business and change the market.

    Hard point about notifying say only customers or everyone.

    Sites like this and WHT are good for getting message spread. Retribution style attacks from such? Possible, but damage is already done.

  • CloudxtnyHostCloudxtnyHost Member, Host Rep

    I believe results are being compiled. Should we find who is doing this i'm quite happy to goto court in which ever country is needed to press charges etc.

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