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design job
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design job

24khost24khost Member
edited March 2013 in Offers

$50.00 - 2 pages psd. If you code it will throw in $20.00

so $70.00 total.

Redesign of Will provide 24khost logo psd.

Please include portfolio.



  • superpilesossuperpilesos Member
    edited March 2013

    A full site for $70? Unless you're hiring from somewhere like PK, that's less than an hour of work.

  • 2 page psd. I have seen for $20.00. Its an offer nobody has to take it.

  • Mind as well hit up themeforest. Before someone says they all look the same, do your customers really know that? Tons of themes I've seen that I haven't seen before. I know of three hosts that uses the same theme and another two with identical themes.

  • If no one bites oh well. I don't want one that looks like somebody elses.

  • @24khost said: If no one bites oh well. I don't want one that looks like somebody elses.

    Then you should be prepared pay $1200+ for a good site, $2500 for one to wow your customers. $70 won't get you anything but someone else's template ripped by a guy in a basement in islamabad.

  • I expected a higher budget from $24khost :)

  • Do you guys understand business. Always try to get the lowest price.

  • change the title to this: Slave Wanted

  • I run a SaaS and my sites uses Themes I've modified from Themeforest. My clients know nothing about them and think they're original designs. I focus my attention on more important things, I leave the design to someone else. What's more important? A unique site that isn't designed properly (buttons in wrong place, wrong choice of colors) or a site where you have a 1 in 5 chance of someone knowing you bought the template from Themeforest? Mind you this site was designed by someone who does this for a living and you have important elements in place.

    I'm not telling you how to run your business but this is something I learned years ago. Don't skimp on the first thing your clients see. What do you think a $20 PSD design will buy you?

  • @Bogdacutuu said: I expected a higher budget from $24khost :)

    But this is LET

  • I have seen quite a few nice $20 psd. You just have to look.

  • NekkiNekki Member

    @24khost Is this something you want done quickly, or is it a non-urgent?

  • A month tops, Would like in 2 weeks but a month tops.

  • I see no problem with the offer. This is the marketplace for low end digital living.

  • A month tops, Would like in 2 weeks but a month tops.

    Would you work for a month for $70?

  • You misunderstand piece work. I have seen people create and awesome template in 3 hours worth of time. $70.00/3 = $23.33 an hour

    To me that is awefully good money in the US.

  • @24khost when I hear things like that I just think to myself, Are your needs really going to stop the moment the PSD is coded into a template..Usually not. The cookie cutters get you with ongoing service. It is a misnomer that you can achieve that type of service at a one time flat rate.

    Overseas may be. But there is a preponderance for mis communication. I have taken quite a few projects away from Teams in Pakistan and India because they reach an impasse with the client.

    Sorry 24 it's just my two. But I have worked out low end design work for clients in this regard. It involves using standardized templating for the code, with layouts generalized from any major CMS, Drupal is one of my favorite for it's emphasis on blocks and regions that can theme any design.

    What you and everyone else who is looking for this really needs is a Themer. Ergo CMS, ergo a brilliant self managed coder.

  • Seriously $70 is quite Low.
    Increase it by some more. How about some $200-300 atleast.

    I had a few designed by me(no PSD these are coded).
    but needs a lot of improvement.
    Specially Fonts with some other atleast. - A small try ;) just for fun not in use. - :p Time pass

    But seriously these are not gr8 and need a lot of improvement.

    I would have liked to try for my own improvement but not for sooo less.

    Don't you think you should not expect something great for $70.

  • I don't expect perfection. But I have seen nice psd's for under $50.00 and I mean really nice.

  • support123support123 Member
    edited March 2013

    I can get it done for 150$.I have an in-house designer who can help you.But budget need to increase a bit

  • here is work done by him

  • I forgot the name but you can get it coded from $50 or so, also you can you show me the design (if you don't mind).

  • i found this one for $70.00 coded with a second page and that is why I decided to post it

  • Pretty design there @24khost. $70 coded, that's a steal.

  • @24khost WHT ??

  • YEP.

  • Anybody who will even do the page uncoded for $70.00 I am willing to work with people but I will not overpay.

  • @ftpit See this:-
    Fix it, it should be curve from all side. Presently its not looking good.

  • @24khost I can try to do it, please see it would be slightly different if you don't mind.

  • Mike give it ago! I am all for people giving it what they got.

    Also if you have to buy an image, I will pay that also.

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