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Who here has Idle VPS?
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Who here has Idle VPS?

MunMun Member
edited March 2013 in General

I right now have cleared out a ton of my vps that I haven't been using and wanted to know how many people here have under allocated, or unused vpses?


  • BK_BK_ Member

    Guilty. Probably 5-10 unused at the moment.

  • I'm only using my ramnode vps.

    My ipxcore and prometeus are both idle. (And with idle I mean they are being used for testing 1 thing every 2 weeks)

  • To be honest, I've got 2 dedi's that are mostly idle. Plus 2 VPS's I pay for. And the embarrassingly high number of BlueVM VPS's that were going to be used for projects that never came to fruition.

  • AlexBarakovAlexBarakov Member, Patron Provider

    I've cleaned up everything - I am using a single VPS from a provider in here, which costs 3$, to keep some additional backups :)

  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider

    I've got designs for every one of them right now. Every couple months I'll re-evaluate whether the plans look like they're moving forward and shift the money around a bit. It's just all so inexpensive that the first part of a project tends to be the home for it. When the rest doesn't happen, then I drop the VPS. It's an interesting mindset this LEB thing has started in me.

  • I think the question should be, who hasnt :)
    I used to get many to test providers, however, now I am too busy for that.
    Since my job is more or less in the industry, I get the general picture from watching the things here, if I buy one I know exactly what I get.
    Still I have about half of them idle, meaning they host some projects others abandoned.
    I am buying for other ppl to install their stuff (forums, teamspeak, games, back-up box, whatever) Now I ask them to pay for a year so I dont have to ask them every month if they still use it.
    However, half of them abandon the project in the first month.

  • FreekFreek Member

    It's Prometeus' fault! I really don't need 4 VPSes in Italy... or do I?
    Yeah, I got about 3-4 Idle VPS, but I do have plans to use them. Now I need time. Please let me buy your time..

  • JacobJacob Member

    Too damn many!

  • @Freek said: Please let me buy your time..

    I sell mine for $15 per hour, or a bulk 5 hour package for $50 per week.

  • @Rallias said: or a bulk 5 hour package for $50 per week

    How do you sell 5 hours per week ? 5 hours each day ? 5 hours at the choice of buyer in a week ? Will you overcommit ?

  • @Maounique said: How do you sell 5 hours per week ? 5 hours each day ? 5 hours at the choice of buyer in a week ? Will you overcommit ?

    The 1 hour is in emergency. The 5 hours is planned in advance on agreement with both parties. BlueVM opts for 5 hours unplanned (full 15 cost for anyone but them, they get a bulk discount) and a signature advertisement.

  • Gee, I thought that is a joke, I see you are serious :o

  • @Maounique said: Gee, I thought that is a joke, I see you are serious :o

    I'm a consultant, what do you expect?

    Also, small plug. If anyone wants a 100gb storage VPS and doesn't care about bandwidth or IP's, bug me, I'd be glad to offer them at an awesome price ( $0 ).

  • Probably 2-3 unused at the moment.

  • one kvm 2GB unused, 4 ovz 2gb unused

  • Just went through a cleaning and managed to trim all idle VPS's.

  • Who doesn't?

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep

    Guilty. I have a dedicated server I need to start using. :(

  • @Liam said: need

    Same problem Liam - Look on Lowendbox and see some fantastic offers and can't help but buy them using the logic "hey down the line I might need this VPS then I'd be kicking myself for not taking the offer... pretty sure it's how addiction starts!

  • RadiRadi Member, Host Rep

    I have:
    VirtualSRV - testing stuff
    Host1Free - bad network, idle
    FreeVPS - idle
    LowEndSpirit - idle
    SMShosting - idle(hope I can pay it next month)
    ChicagoVPS - hosting all my crap

  • NekkiNekki Member

    This time last year, I had about 20 idle, due to my ridiculous addiction to low-priced yearly plans and BuyVM's then lack of readily available stock. Now, following a bunch of cancellations, I'm down to just 1 standing idle and the long Easter weekend should give me a chance to resolve that.

  • sDsBsDsB Member

    Idle? None.
    Underused? All of them.

  • 2x hetzner ex6 dedi (changes to one, tomorrow)
    2x 6sync mini vm
    1x bitcable vm

  • Two. 32 in use otherwise.

  • LeeLee Member
    edited March 2013

    I just done a complete strip out This week, all I have left is Minivps, URPad, BuyVM and DO. Cancelled 8 others that were idle. But some offers are just too good so you take it for whatever idea you have for it then get side tracked elsewhere and end up not using it.

    Will I resist the next prometeus offer having just cancelled one? Probably not :) ?

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