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Remove directories when specific file is in directory?
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Remove directories when specific file is in directory?

xrzxrz Member
edited August 2016 in Help

Hello :)

I need little help i have following cmd:

this only able to delete files but not folder which contain that file

find /home/test/* -name "*.testfile" -type f -exec rm -i {} \;

how to delete whole directory if file called somethingblahblah.testfile is there?

Thanks you :)


  •  find /home/test/* -type f -name '*.testfile' -printf '%h\n' | sort -u | xargs rm -rf 


    I'll advise only once to do a dryrun (without the last part) at first to see what dirs get listed. and take special care which path you search in, rm -rf is forcing recursive removal on all directories found...

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  • You could try something like

    find /home/test/* -name "*.testfile" -type f -exec sh -c 'f="{}"; rm -i "$f" && rmdir "${f%/*}"' \;

    buy you're playing with fire here.

    (The above will attempt to remove the containing directory, but but the rmdir will fail if the directory is not empty. I presume this is what you want.)

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  • xrzxrz Member

    You made my day thx both, good karm will fly to you ;)

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