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Dell DC Series servers?
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Dell DC Series servers?

ericgericg Member
edited March 2013 in General

Does anyone know more about these machines? I just bought one from fortatrust for $280 for the year. They say it is a Dell DC Series server with 8 Core Xeon and 8gb. I bought it with the IPKVM port also which works great but I would really like to confirm they are Dell branded. Plus I never heard of the DC series. I only know power edge. Anyone familiar with this? The deal just seems too good.


  • RyanDRyanD Member

    They are "one-off" servers done for custom installs, like Twitter.

    They have no warranty, basically no driver support, and they are mostly OEM'd Quanta, Intel, or Supermicro servers

  • Wrong category for this thread.

  • earlearl Member
    edited March 2013

    fortatrust looks like they have some good deals but it's all pretty much a one year commit.. considering the domain was registered 2011 of December not sure how safe that would be to prepay for a year!

  • I wasn't so sure about this too good to be true deal also but i saw they had a 14 day money back guarantee so I also purchased this v8 deal 8 cores with 8gb ram for 285. I had them install proxmox so i can use it as my private cloud and was able to migrate my 3 smaller dedicated servers into 3 vps on this machine, so im saving money already. so far so good!

  • ericgericg Member

    Thanks RyanD. So far so good with this machine. They even offer the IPKVM port for remote power cycle in the event the server craps. The speeds have been good and the server has not had any hiccups. I'm crossing my fingers.

  • earlearl Member

    Hmm.. kinda odd @ericg @infinitevps only has 1 comment.
    Hope fortatrust is not a scam this yearly offer seems similar to that from WII..

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