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Advertisement Slots - PR2 Webhosting Forums
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Advertisement Slots - PR2 Webhosting Forums

EpidriveEpidrive Member
edited March 2013 in Offers

Hello guys, we're in a constant effort with improving our site's pagerank, furthermore we aim to accomplish a PR-3 in the next google pagerank update. However, SEO has been VERY costly in our side and so i thought of selling advertisement slots to help us with the financial costs. This is a very good opportunity for you because the niche will surely give you the webhosting industry audience.

Site link:

1 header advertisement ( size of 728x90 ) - $30 / Mo
1 footer advertisement ( size of 728x90 ) - $20 / Mo
1 sidebar vertical advertisement ( size of 120x240 ) - $20 / Mo
2 postbit advertisement ( size of 125x125 ) - $15 / Mo
Extra discounts for quarter, semi-annual, and annual payments.

Things you may want to know:
The website is hosted with asmallorange servers.
We have a lot of hot stuffs in line for the community too ( e.g. Webhost Directory which up until now is in WIP. )

Stats will be posted later.
Please let me know if you are interested.


  • Not intending ot be rude but I do not think it is worth anywhere near what you have estimated on such a small forum.

  • EpidriveEpidrive Member
    edited March 2013

    I understand your point, however we are also getting high traffic so it kinda justify my pricing too.

  • Can you kindly provide some google analytic stats and any other 3rd pary stats if available?

  • Yes i will post my awstats later.
    Im actually in the mall right now with my pad.

  • Having the slogan "The webhosting talk" just to scrape traffic from WHT and boost your SEO is a bit of a underhand move in my opinion.

  • EpidriveEpidrive Member
    edited March 2013

    I understand your point, well its just like "gaming talk" "fashion talk" "Technology Talk"
    The term "webhosting talk" is a too broad term for them to exclusively use.

    Well if it comes through legal terms, i believe it wont be a case since we have the word "the" in the slogan. Might be a philosophical reasoning if you think but thats the way it is.

    But anyways, it is really not meant to mine WHT's traffic whatsoever, its just that the slogan best describes the community. However I am always open with doing the right thing, and i'll look into it.

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator

    PR2 is...not that big a deal, really. I have several PR2 sites.

    @Simple3x said: However, SEO has been VERY costly in our side

    Then you're doing something very wrong. All I've ever done is post on forums with my sites in my sig. Getting to PR1 is trivial, PR2 is not hard.

    BTW, PR is completely the wrong metric for advertising. As an advertiser, why would I care how many sites link to yours? I'd be interested in the number of daily visitors.

    One of my PR2 sites gets less than 5 uniques a week. Don't expect to start selling ads anytime soon...

  • EpidriveEpidrive Member
    edited March 2013

    Yup, we get a fair amount of traffic per day - and i believe that this can somehow justify my pricing.
    I'll show you the stats later when i reach back to my computer.

    SEO has been costly right now since we are eager to make the site PR-3 by or before the next google pr update, buying backlinks and ads costs us the money. Im also gonna be hiring an SEO guy to help us do with these stuffs.

    I never made the PR as the metric for these advertisement slots. Its just that i included it in the thread title thinking it might cause to realize that this aint that typical forum created last week and was left inactive and now trying to get money from it selling advertisement slots. The reason why i included the pr in the thread title is only to point out that we are doing stuffs for the community's activity and traffic, we dont leave it there unmanaged, and that we are gonna be using the money to aid us with the financial costs.

  • LeeLee Member

    @Simple3x said: Yes i will post my awstats later.

    People don't want to see stats that show bots as your main source, if you are trying to sell ad space then the stats need to reflect the true visitor counts. You aint getting that from awstats.

  • Gee man. How long it takes to setup google analytics and export reports?

  • Anyone interested?

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