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  • RadiRadi Host Rep, Veteran

    I have no ads on my forum.

  • ztecztec Member

    CEO of the ztec account.

  • PatrickPatrick Member
    edited March 2013

    Forums to CEO talk, talk about derailing!

    I pity those who call themselves CEOs without holding a large or registered business, keep telling yourself your a CEO! (Owner is more appropriate in that case)

    Since those here probably don't have an actual executive board and see themselves as CEO to me means nothing. So unless your actually "executing a firm, a group of executives, and managing a team it is pointless term to use.

    @Radi Need to cut down on them categories, it's too broad for something new. Forums are really hard to start now days, unless you spend money advertising (even this maybe a waste) it won't go anywhere.

  • flyfly Member

    you know it's bad when there's more spammers than legit users :(((

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