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Host1Plus 75% off sale is back!
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Host1Plus 75% off sale is back!

jeromezajeromeza Member
edited August 2016 in General

I make use of Host1Plus for cheap South African VPS's (they do other regions too).

Currently they've got a 75% off for SA VPS's (not sure if it applies to other regions).

The below code should be good for 3 / 6 / 12 month plans. The link is an affiliate, but please consider using it if this has helped you. Thanks!



  • Because we have a a kimsufi cest pit is it not posible to spam anything else

  • @perryoo11 said:
    Because we have a a kimsufi cest pit is it not posible to spam anything else

    Hardly spam. Its a huge discount and make the region very cheap in comparison to any other offer.

  • To be honest, that is indeed an incredible good deal!
    Quite tempting, hard to control myself... :/

  • Do you know if it is recurring?

  • @jvnadr said:
    Do you know if it is recurring?

    Order page doesn't tell anything about that, but you could go for a biennially billing cycle at least.

  • BTW, it is only for SA location

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  • hzrhzr Member
    edited August 2016
  • At least I, am not opposite if a member post an aff link of a real good offer. After all, it is no costing us money or time if we click the aff instead of a plain link. Why not to gain some money helping the community, as long as people is not spamming with junk just to promote affiliate links?

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  • Not sure the other locations but Brazil is a joke

  • Damnit. This is why I stopped browsing LET so often, I end up getting long-term vps's that i'll never use.

  • Coupon not working in 256 vps and vps in us and 24 month renew, I dont know why I'm not interested

  • Coupon works on South Africa 256 with 12 months term. The discount is not recurring.

  • It's not working for 256 VPS :| .

  • I just tried it for the silver plan and got a $145 discount. 2GB, 2cores, 80GB, 2TB = $193.80 to $48.45. I didn't get it since I am still trying to find uses for the last purchase.

  • Tried for the 24 month cycle and got this message. "This promo code is valid for Quarterly, Semi-Annually, Annually billing cycles."

  • juan_144juan_144 Member
    edited August 2016


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