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Barracuda Drives
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Barracuda Drives

MartinDMartinD Member
edited March 2013 in General

Is it just me or are the Barracuda drives slightly thinner than other drives?

Just took delivery of a box of 1TB Barracudas and they are very much lighter than our usual drives and a touch slimmer too. Anyone know why?


  • Platter density it seems!

  • Guess they think "size doesn't matter" lol

  • Been seeing a lot of this, I work with laptops (Repair and Refurbish), as of late the 2.5" drives we have been ordering have been slimmer than other 2.5" drives (Almost half as thick) with laptops this causes issues as it does not fit into the caddys properly or anything.

  • Well, there are two standards for laptop drives - 7mm and 9mm.

  • I prefer my drives with a bit of weight to them. These feel like they'd blow out the chassis when the fans kick in.

  • @rds100 said: Well, there are two standards for laptop drives - 7mm and 9mm.

    7, 9 and 12mm - 12mm is used for 2,5" SAS.

  • @William i said laptop drives :) You don't put 2.5" SAS in your laptop.

  • Well, it's actually not a laptop standard - it's just a 2,5" standard, which defines this 3 - Laptops than can only use the first 2 IIRC also violate the standard anyway ;)

  • Just measured some drives we have here and they are 2.5" drives but only 5MM thick. They don't fit properly yet we still continue to order them

  • Barracuda's do seem to be thinner. I have to use them in my Dell Precision 390 workstation because the thicker WD Drives are too big for the Hard Drive spots. I find them to be nicer than the WD's though. I've had 2 WD Drives die on me, only 1 Seagate laptop drive, and that was because I accidentally dropped the laptop. Head Crashes are bad...

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