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PowerDNS IPv6 RDnS Refusing to work
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PowerDNS IPv6 RDnS Refusing to work

FRCoreyFRCorey Member
edited March 2013 in General

Anyone have this issue where we see queries coming in and PowerDNS returning (90) 0/0/0 basically. We checked the db, the entries are being written to it and are fine.


  • blergh_blergh_ Member
    edited March 2013

    What version are you using? On slaves + master

  • fileMEDIAfileMEDIA Member
    edited March 2013

    We using the powerdns setup from solusvm to providing the ipv4/ipv6 zones. All works fine here. Do you use ipv6 or ipv4 for the request?

  • 3.2, but after the power outage we had to rebuild them so we ended up on 3.2 instead of 3.1 which I think SolusVM is built after. Looks like I'll have to downgrade.

    @solusvm you guys need to look into this.

  • @fileMEDIA does not matter, v4 RDNS works fine via v6 or v4, but v6 RDNS is broke via v4 and v6.

  • @FRCorey
    Broken how? Elaborate otherwise we cannot assist you. 3.2 from the official website? It's certainly not broken.

  • @blergh_

    When we enter a pdns entry in SolusVM it gets entered into the database, but PDNS will not do a RDNS reply.

    3:18:54.539330 IP > 29126 PTR? (90)
    23:18:54.539712 IP > 29126- 0/0/0 (90)

    That's what we get in tcpdump even for ip's we know a entry exists I'm just grabbing one because they all look the same.

  • Figured it out..

    for a /64 you only want to enter I unwittingly entered all 8 quads so it was looking at a /128 for RDNS.

  • Hate to say i told you so :D

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