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[New] Synology Diskstation DS115j 2Tb 100mbits 14.99€/Month
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[New] Synology Diskstation DS115j 2Tb 100mbits 14.99€/Month

IkoulaIkoula Member, Host Rep
edited July 2016 in Offers

Hello guys,

We offer a new storage service based on Synology Diskstation DS115j

Come and get it, leave us a feedback !


-Marvell Armada 370 processor

-256 MB Ram

-2 TB Sata Hd

-1 public ip included

-100 Mbps Full Duplex

-Location : Ikoula Datacenter France


-DSM 6.0

Usages and Functionalities
Backup server, file synchronisation and file share.
Synchronise your files with Cloud services
For more information and other usages see Synology's website.


-Setup fee : FREE until 31th of August 2016.

-No commitment

-Satisfied or refunded during 30 days.
-Price : 14.99€ exc VAT/ Month

Accepted methods of payments


-Credit cards

-Bank tranfer

To test it

Ikoula order page


Operating since 1998 and we own our datacenter. More info here.


Feel free to ask if you have any question.

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  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator, Veteran

    Neat offer!

    Thanked by 1Ikoula
  • So it's unmetered?

  • IkoulaIkoula Member, Host Rep

    @kingpin yes

  • chxchx Member
    edited July 2016

    You are going to hate me but I do not see the strength of this offer. It's a single 2TB disk, so one would compare to Kimsufi perhaps, the KS-2E is the same 14.99 and while the N2800 is not a fast CPU I am not quite sure that Marvel will beat it and of course this has 4GB RAM instead of 256M. And the KS-3C is only 16.99 with vastly more RAM and CPU power. Or, for an euro less, a Hetzner CX10 (1GB RAM, 25 GB SSD VPS for 3.9 EUR) + a BX40 (2TB networked storage, 9.9EUR) will probably provide similar performance -- while the networked storage could be slower, the SSD will alleviate some of the pain and single disk always make nervous.

  • heachhogheachhog Member
    edited July 2016

    @chx said:

    The strength - you can use Synology DSM and all bells and whistles that come with it. It isn't only about the disk space :)

    Thanked by 1Ikoula
  • IkoulaIkoula Member, Host Rep

    @chx @heachhog

    heachhog takes the words out of my mouth.

  • IkoulaIkoula Member, Host Rep

    As the question has been asked public ip of the nas is included in the price.

  • cassacassa Member

    @heachhog said:

    @chx said:

    The strength - you can use Synology DSM and all bells and whistles that come with it. It isn't only about the disk space :)

    This is pretty stable as well:

  • IkoulaIkoula Member, Host Rep

    The synology offer is also 50% off for 1, 3 or six months until 31th of august 2016 !

  • IkoulaIkoula Member, Host Rep

    Promo has been extended to 16th of September

    Promo is now available for 1 or 3 months

  • IkoulaIkoula Member, Host Rep


    Promo ends tonight, be sure to order quickly if you want to get the promo price !

  • IkoulaIkoula Member, Host Rep
    edited September 2016

    Trial offer is a success, we decided to extend the promo to an undefined date.

    This offer allows you to get instant -50% off during three months on our Synology, Xeon dedicated servers (IK E-1220V5, IK E5-1620 M, IK E5-1650 L), Shared hosting offers and during six months on our Flexicloud and Flex’server offers.

  • Hi there,
    I'm confused:
    Is the current Synology promo to be understood so that only the first 1 or 3 months are discounted? After that the normal price will kick in?

    Sad, because I'm not in for a short-time thing here, if I set it up I want it to last.
    But 15,- for the DS115J is a bit too much in my opinion. For 10,- I would have taken it. But 15... I think I'll pass.

    Thanks for a short feedback!
    BR southy

  • IkoulaIkoula Member, Host Rep

    Hello @southy,

    That's correct price gets back to 15 after three months.

  • Thanks for helping to understand!

  • IkoulaIkoula Member, Host Rep

    np :)

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