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Server upgrade / updates monitoring
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Server upgrade / updates monitoring

Hey LET,

I was wondering what you guys uses out there to monitor when you need to update one of your 100's servers.

When you have a lot, it's hard to keep track.

I was using Nagios for some time now, but getting thousands of message from nagios everytime centOS have something new isn't really helping, it just spam my mailbox more than anything else.

I was wondering what you guys are using here to keep track of that, or to push an update to all your server with a click of a button or something of the sort.

Let me know


  • icekevicekev Member

    Either nobody knows a way around, or there is none, and I hope it's simply option 1 :(

  • kingpinkingpin Member
    edited June 2016

    I have a simple script that does branching on yum -q updateinfo list security updates command output which is invoked every morning on my box and is dropping me an email so I know if any important security updates are available. If there are updates available reported, I'm connecting to each box and performing updates manually.

    This command is utilizing the yum security plugin which depends on a list of updates available in online repository which is maintained by your OS vendor. If you're using this plugin on CentOS or RHEL, you would need to have a payed RHN subscription (which I don't have) to access your OS repository, so I'm using it on Oracle Linux because Oracle doesn't require you to have a subscription at all making the update information available at no cost.

    Apart from the security updates information this plugin also allows you to list bug fix, enhancement, recommended updates information as well.

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