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Looking for experience network freelancer
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Looking for experience network freelancer

I am looking for experience network freelancer. Is it anyone can contact me?


  • FalzoFalzo Member

    you probably need to specify your requirements and budget a bit more.

  • admsamadmsam Member

    need to open private discussion before any offering

  • mailcheapmailcheap Member, Host Rep

    Hey :) Could it be possible to elaborate a bit on the work needed.

  • DamianDamian Member
    edited June 2016

    Are you asking for router configuration? Are you asking for BGP session config? Are you asking for VLANs on a switch? Are you looking for VPN set up between two devices that do VPN? Are you looking for someone to make network cables? Are you looking for someone to invite you to a tech show to do some networking?

    What are you needing? You're going to have to give more information. "Network freelancer" is way too vague. There's literally thousands of possibilities and wanting to ask for "private discussion" without giving any sort of information on what you're looking for will waste time for both yourself and anyone else that might be interested.

  • admsamadmsam Member

    sorry for did not state clearly. I am looking someone who are experience in router configuring, bgp session, mpls and VPN. above CCNP level or equivalent.

  • leapswitchleapswitch Patron Provider, Veteran
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