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you create the offer - dmbhosting UK xen and openvz
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you create the offer - dmbhosting UK xen and openvz

daimonbdaimonb Member
edited December 2011 in Offers

honestly cant be bothered dreaming up a new offer every 2 weeks so this is your chance to come up with the offer.

Post what you need below and what your willing to pay either monthly or yearly.

No respectable offer will be declined.

wanna see our site -



  • 1GB Ram
    2 CPU Cores
    750GB Ram
    25GB Disk


    $12.99 monthly

  • @xprotocept too much ram buddy, also outside of lebs posting rules

  • 512MB
    2 CPU Core
    500GB Traffic
    25GB Disk Space


    $5.79 monthly

    What about that :D

  • Oh...

    I make a small mistake.. 750GB ram -.-
    i ment 750GB Traffic -.-

  • daimonbdaimonb Member
    edited December 2011

    @xprotocept $5.79 bit of a random figure - yes no problem. register at and ill hook you up make sure you read t's and c's first and adhere to them.

    to confirm
    xen, 512mb ram,2 cpu's, 500gb bandwith, 25gb hdd

  • Xen

    384 MB Ram
    512 MB Swap

    10 GB Space
    75 GB Bandwidth

    1 IPv4 Address

    4,95 USD too much low?

  • @daimonb

    Will do that at the end of this year, thats when i get paid from ma new job

  • @zero would do 256mb and 256mb swap for that price and increase hdd to 20gb and 200gb bandwith. and add 10 ipv6?

  • It's possible to know how much costs a chunk of 64 MB of RAM, a chunk of 5 GB of space and a chunk of 50 GB of bandwidth?

  • xprotoceptxprotocept Member
    edited December 2011


    I just did a RIBL (Rolling In Bed Laughing) -.-
    a chunk of 50GB bandwidth...

  • i could give you a bunch of numbers but it would be irrelvant really, the xen server has plenty of hdd and bandwith and ip's left but only around 8 gb of ram. So essentially the cost of the ram is gonna be higher. Essentially i normally work things out based on ram and ip's as hdd and bandwith are always readily available. does not mean you people can have 256mb of ram and then 200gb hdd lol though. Might not be how others work out costings however i do it based on profitability of each node and can only do that based on resources available. Essentially all vps's i offer on let/leb is resources left over from main advertising as you can see our prices are considerable higher on our site.

  • What's the problem?
    Never used more than 50 GB of bandwidth on a LowEndVPS :)

  • 512MB RAM
    40GB HDD

    $4 and we got a deal (Including VAT Though :D )

  • How about:

    512 RAM
    1 Cores
    500GB Transfer
    80GB HDD

    $7.99 monthly

  • @plever said: $7.99 monthly

    Not LEB pricing. Below 7 bucks would be.

  • dmmcintyre3dmmcintyre3 Member
    edited December 2011

    64mb ram
    256mb swap (for OS updates only)
    1 core
    100gb transfer
    5 gb disk space

  • Can you eliminate QualityServers' UK XEN Eliminator?

  • WhizzWrWhizzWr Member
    edited December 2011

    768MB ram
    2 core
    disk 25GB
    Traffic 500gb

    err.. $5? I'll accept anything up to $7 with 768mb ram..

    Or max $5 for 512mb RAM :)

  • 256mb Ram
    .5 Core
    50gb Transfer
    2gb HDD
    KVM / Xen
    $3 p/month

    There is a heap of VPSs out there that offer huge bandwidth, some people are looking to use these for small things like DNS, Status Monitoring etc. Everyone is trying to pump as much as they can in to the bandwidth and HDD.

  • 512 MB
    20 GB
    200 GB
    2 cores

  • there is alot of offers here lol will pm ppl individually.

  • Hmm.. got no PM.
    could it be.. my proposed offer was not 'respectable' enough? :p

  • i beleive i have pm'ed everybody. If i have missed anybody please pm me.

  • dannixdannix Member
    edited December 2011

    128mb ram
    256mb swap
    1 core
    256gb transfer
    5gb disk space
    $15/year (vat included)

  • @daimonb said: i beleive i have pm'ed everybody. If i have missed anybody please pm me.

    I haven't received any pm from you.

  • @tux apologies no we cant beat the eliminator offer. :(

  • visiovisio Member
    edited December 2011

    Any chance I can get it on that same deal that xprotocept mentioned?
    is the host? I'm unable to reach it

  • Currently there is a ddos attack at telehouse although not aimed at us it has affected our network connections so currently our site is in accessible although it is up for further updates visit

  • Service has been restored. @visio yeah that's fine buddy.

    Thanked by 1visio
  • @daimonb I forget. Do you allow torrenting and/or IRC?

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