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Question about new business?
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Question about new business?

TaoronTaoron Member
edited June 2016 in General


I have started a new business. When I founded it, it was registered under the name "Arcanum Services LLC" but I plan to do branding as ServerHand. My question is, do you think this would be a good name for a VPS provider?

I'm open to opinions and questions as I'm trying to become involved with the community and hopefully make some friends here and do a little networking.

Business Branding
  1. Which branding option do you like?22 votes
    1. Arcanum Services LLC (
    2. ServerHand (


  • BradyHBradyH Member, Host Rep

    really you don't have to have a domain name on how your business is registered.

    There are a ton of companies that company registered name is different than site name and doing business as.

    Example ours is CTX Hosting, Inc

    Now we have Several DBA that fall under the corp for hosting it would be Centex Hosting.

    Really its up to you.

    Thanked by 1Taoron
  • hostdarehostdare Member, Patron Provider

    Serverhand is better name

    Thanked by 1Taoron
  • NekkiNekki Veteran

    Go with ServerFist, it makes you sound more aggressive and sexually alluring.

  • @Nekki said:
    Go with ServerFist, it makes you sound more aggressive and sexually alluring.

    I think we've nailed the market penetration for fist-related hosting, I'm not sure if LEB could handle two...

    Thanked by 2Nekki eKo
  • I vote for serverhand.

  • Serverhand would be a solid name for a server management/support company as well.

  • TaoronTaoron Member

    That's originally what I was going to do. Provide server management. I decided to switch routes though and try VPS hosting like I wanted to do for the past few years.

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