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Just wanted to throw this in here:


My name is [], I'm the Head of Customer Support at Scaleway. My role is to make sure you have a great experience with our infractructure services.

I noticed you have reserved IPs on your account that are not attached to any running server. If you do not need them, you should cancel these IP reservations to avoid any extra charge (

Due to the shortage of IPv4 addresses, unused IPs address are billed at 0.99€/IP/Month. You can the see details in the FAQ (

If you have any questions or concerns, you just need to hit the reply button.




  • ZappieZappie Member, Host Rep, LIR

    A week ago.
    They are buying ton of legacy space

  • PandyPandy Member

    idk if that means they are running out of them, or its just to inform you that you have reserved them and will get charged for it, and in general IPv4 are on shortage. Arent the IP's always been 1€/m?

    thats just how i read it anyway

  • It is 1Eur no matter if you use them or not.

    The interesting part where they inform you of IPv4 shortage, but they don't provide reserved IPv6 subnets for production, only a single IPv6 address for testing (changed upon reboot and only for VPS and C2).

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  • @Zappie said:

    A week ago.
    They are buying ton of legacy space

    This might be cause Scaleway has took off for them, I don't think they anticipated this many people coming on.

  • blackblack Member

    They can ask their buddies FREE SAS for some IPs, I doubt they'll run out of any IPv4 anytime soon.

  • That's kind of handy, found I had an IP on my scaleway account that I didn't even notice I had.

  • sinsin Member

    Didn't they run out of them before with Scaleway?

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