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Deidserve "Special offer" Vs Virtono LEB Speed Vs ServerCow "Normal" offer
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Deidserve "Special offer" Vs Virtono LEB Speed Vs ServerCow "Normal" offer

aboyousefaboyousef Member
edited June 2016 in Reviews

Hello everybody, this time I am reviewing and comparing 3 hosting providers
From different "sizes" all provide good KVM VPS and affordable prices (at least for the special offer in case of DediServe).
I have at least one VPS on each of the providers and I tested each machine with all available
Benchmarking and testing tools, But it's not the only tests I base my review on, the real
Performance of the machine in real life situations, up times and support are things that no
Benchmark can measure. So I did my best putting the machines in different situations and
Also tried to ask the support for advice or assassinate in many different issues
Finally every benchmark was repeated many times and I used the average test score for each
Of the three providers.

I will start with ServerCow because I've already reviewed it and even updated my review:

And this is the last benchmark for ServerCow

As you can see SrverCow maintain it's good network performance and high I/O speeds
Overall the performance/price formula is very good. (29Euro/quarter)
The only point is the CPUs performance where I think it should score more , so there is a
Room for development in this point

What I like:

  • Good performance and combined with the price its very good deal!

  • Excelent responsive and "personal" support

  • Upgradable with flexibility for a nice price

  • Free DDOS protection

  • No downtime at all untill this moment

  • Free 150GB Samba storage

What I miss:

  • better CPU performance (it's good now but there is always room for improvment)

  • English interface for the company's site


Now to DediServe :
A well known and trusted provider with locations all over the world and it's Cloud services
Are considered among the best. Recently they announced a new LEB/LET special with the
Following specs:

    2x Intel Xeon E5-2660v2 CPU
    2GB RAM
    50GB Enterprise RAID 10 SSD Storage
    1 IPv4 IP Address
    Free IP6
    500Mbps Uplink, 2TB Transfer included
    50GB Snapshot Storage included
    Firewall, API, iOS and Android Apps
    24/7 Support as standard

All this really good specs for only 6.99$, Nice! and according to the support you have 100%
Of the cores only for you so it's really dedicated CPUs.
Just like many of you guys I got my "Cloud" machine and I did choose Vienna as the location
For my VPS since it was the closest to me. From the first moment I started asking and
Testing ! The installation was fast and flawless, The interface is good and clean.
The support is responsive but their answers were not always on the point and if your ticket
Gets escalated you must wish that the sales team guys are still on their disks or you will have
To wait for the next day to get answers !

Here are the results for the test:

As you can see virtual core with no real info regarding CPU which is not good for me !
Of course we trust DediServe but still we like to have full details of what we paid for also
On this point the support gave me what I call "not so accurate answers" when I asked them
About the CPU info as they tried to convince me that it's a KVM thing and it not something
They choose to hide, but when I confronted them the facts that this is not true and even sent
Them some screen caps from my other KVM VPSs they had to give me the final answer on
The matter -and I quote- "This is not something we are going to change" , Thanks for the
Truth even if its late! Our friend @dediserve was really helpful and sometimes more helpful
Than the online support and he promised to raise the issue inside the company, which is
Another reason to respect dediserev as very few of the big name may care to hear our vocies

So ... Great I/O numbers! really very good overall performance and keep in mind this
Only 2 Core & 2GB RAM machine, imagine what a 4 cores 4GB RAM would do !

The network s good but to be honest I really expected higher numbers in Europe where
I was surprised that they came second to ServerCow more than once in places like France&
UK And Germany. A provider with such global network should've performed better in Europe.

The upgrade options: NONE! yes for this "special" offer there "officially" no upgrade options!
Yes I know it's special offer and I understand it's really discounted but no upgrade options
At all ? A cloud that is static and fixed in size !? I tried to scale my cloud only to find that this
Option is disabled (not there to be more accurate), So I went to the normal resources pool
Trying to get resources with the regular prices (Our friend @dediserve offered a 50% coupon)
But again I found that while I can buy resources I can't merge or add them to my
Cloud Machine, all I can do is to buy resources and create another separate cloud Machine!
Once again it's really a good offer from DediServe and very good performance but
Even if I paid a discounted price I still have the right to upgrade my Cloud machine.
And it looks that even Dediserve support guys can't believe it too! so I was lucky to get
In touch with James a senior customer care who was really patient, professional and very
Helpful, we had a long mail exchange (over 50 massages in total) and finally he gave me
A real good offer which I could not refuse. So NO does not always mean NO, you just need to
Find the right person to talk to! thanks James and another point for dediserve ;)

What I like:

  • Very good overall performance and great I/O numbers

  • Many location all over the world to choose from

  • The price of this offer is really "Special"

  • Clean and easy to use dashboard

  • A 50% discount for the current owners of DediSrev owners (at least for now!)

  • Good customer support specially if you manged to get to someone on a senior level

  • Trustful and respectful provider so you get what you pay for, no worries there

What I miss:

  • Easier Upgrade options for the special deal ! no cloud should be static ...

  • The network is really good but in some of the locations in Europe it could be better

  • Escalated tickets should not wait for next day

  • Passing through the CPU info is much much better than virtual cores


It is -as you probably know- Romanian based provider that offer a wide range of hosting
Services and has four locations in Europe Romania, Netherlands,Germany and UK
They offer many VPS plans but I will talk only about the LEB Speed plan which is one
Of three LEB specials still available from Virtono. It has the following specs

* KVM  
* 4 Cores (at 2.26Ghz) 
* Ram 2GB 
* Swap 4GB 
* Disk space 20GB SSD 
* Network Speed 1Gbps Bandwidth (shared port)
* 5TB Traffic

Looking at the this configuration any one will notice the small size HDD which is going
To be a real problem if you plan to use the VPS for a live site as it's only 16GB in reality
After deducting the space reserved for the swap.
They have really good up times and I did not have any downtime until now
Real performance is in general acceptable (network sometimes is slow), and you don't get the SSD performance anyone would expect.
They have nicely configured dashboard with all the option you need to run your VPS and also
Monitor it.

here are the test results

So not the latest of processors but uncapped clock speed which is enough to do
The trick for UnixBench but do not get fooled by the numbers here those are older
And less powerful CPUs than what Dediserve & Server Cow offer

The I/O is slower than the other two except the cached test

IOPS numbers are horrible !! actually I do not dare to compare to the other 2 providers

Again bad numbers indeed ... slow network everywhere the highest is 12Mb/s !

The numbers are clear, very good numbers in the CPU department (the clock speed is the secret) but very bad SSD performance and slow network and both are enough to seriously
Lower the real performance of the VPS and any site on it.

The Upgrade options : NONE ! again just like DediServe this special offer is fixed size
And when I tried to contact them for any upgrade options the refused and I was told that
I can exchange my LEB speed with another plan of their "normal" plans and pay difference
Actually I was ready to get any upgrade with the normal none discounted prices but this
Was not an option
Unlike Dediserve even the higher support team did not offer any real deals.

What I like:

  • Good CPU performance

  • Nice price (6euro/mo)

  • Good and full featured dashboard

What I miss:

  • Where is the SSD !?

  • The network is slow to say the least

  • Upgrade options



When I picked this trio of providers I knew they are completely different and maybe
In different categories but I wanted to give the average VPS user a chance to compare
Three providers who offer LEB special offers or good normal prices for KVM VPSs

Server Cow is becoming my benchmark for performance (not saying it's flawless) but
For a smaller size provider our friend André is doing really good proving that in hosting
Size is not always that important! yes their is a room for improvment but good job Andre!

DediServe is an excellent big size provider with very good hardware and network and
Good support but the prices for the normal pool are not cheapest, still with the offers
The current owners of the Cloud machines can get (50% Thanks @dediserve ) it gets better.
Only if they reconsider the upgraded options for the special offers and the CPU info issue..
But if you want an excellent cloud service provider you'll more than happy with dediserve
The are a good example for how a cloud provider should be

Virtono I am sorry but I was really disappointed with the results. The network is not good,
The I/O is even worse and the good CPU numbers are not enough to compensate.

So here you are guys I hope this will be useful for anyone and soon I will review 3 other
Providers ....

Final note: Very soon I will write a special review for dediserve using the normal pool and I expect some exciting results ..

Thanked by 2OnSebastian MikePT


  • tommytommy Member

    which location do you use for this benchmark?
    I saw slow download speed to some location

  • aboyousefaboyousef Member
    edited June 2016


    Virtono I use their location in Roménia

    Dediserve Vienna

    ServerCow has only one location in Frankfurt Germany

    Thanked by 1tommy
  • jbilohjbiloh Administrator, Veteran

    If you're in the market for a real cloud powered container @dediserve is a great option.

    Thanked by 1dediserve
  • aboyousefaboyousef Member
    edited June 2016

    @jbiloh said:
    If you're in the market for a real cloud powered container @dediserve is a great option.

    I agree, they are a real big name in the market and they offer an excellent service
    Only few points may need some enhancements, which is normal since there is no
    Provider who gets the 100% mark, dediserve is one of the best ...
    Personally I love my cloud at dediserve !

    Thanked by 1dediserve
  • Dediserve Vienna looks like it has much better network than Dediserve Frankfurt.

    I tried Frankfurt again recently after a year of changing away.

    Thanked by 1dediserve
  • NekkiNekki Veteran

    @jbiloh said:
    If you're in the market for a real cloud powered container @dediserve is a great option.

    'Real cloud powered'?

    Thanked by 1dediserve
  • @vimalware said:
    Dediserve Vienna looks like it has much better network than Dediserve Frankfurt.

    I tried Frankfurt again after a year of changing away.

    And the result was less than Vienna ? If you still have the results and like to share
    I would like to see it

    Thanked by 1dediserve
  • @aboyousef said:


    Atlanta, GA, US     Coloat      2.17MB/s 
    Dallas, TX, US      Softlayer   3.82MB/s 
    Seattle, WA, US     Softlayer   5.56MB/s 
    San Jose, CA, US    Softlayer   1.62MB/s 
    Washington, DC, US  Softlayer   2.51MB/s 
    Tokyo, Japan        Linode      3.35MB/s 
    Singapore       Softlayer   645KB/s 
    Rotterdam, Netherlands     8.55MB/s
    Haarlem, Netherlands    Leaseweb    37.8MB/s
    Thanked by 1aboyousef
  • aboyousefaboyousef Member
    edited June 2016

    @vimalware Thanks for sharing this with us, the numbers are lower

    Rotterdam, Netherlands is much lower than what i got in Vienna
    Is this still the case? no change ?

  • AmitzAmitz Member

    My network tests with Frankfurt were comparable bad.

  • aboyousefaboyousef Member
    edited June 2016

    @Amitz said:
    My network tests with Frankfurt were comparable bad.

    So may be there is something in Frankfurt's data center

    Have you tried to contact the support about this issue?

  • AmitzAmitz Member

    Over the years, I have tried several DediServe locations and never was too impressed by their network. No, I did not contact their support about it this time. It was just another proof for me that them and myself are not the right fit.

    Thanked by 1Admiral_Awesome
  • aboyousefaboyousef Member
    edited June 2016

    I might try to get another cloud machine in different location so I can compare it

    To what i have in Vienna, but the numbers in Vienna while not so impressive still

    Acceptable, I wonder what is the case in UK and Netherlands locations

  • jbilohjbiloh Administrator, Veteran

    Nekki said: 'Real cloud powered'?

    Dediserve operates a true cloud with redundancy. Many others don't.

    Thanked by 1dediserve
  • @Amitz said:
    My network tests with Frankfurt were comparable bad.

    My current strategy is to use them as pure compute/DB and reverse proxy from other FRA/SBG vm's .

    Thankfully, no shortage of providers and DCs in Frankfurt.

    Thanked by 1dediserve
  • NekkiNekki Veteran

    @jbiloh said:

    Nekki said: 'Real cloud powered'?

    Dediserve operates a true cloud with redundancy. Many others don't.

    I thought you were alluding to some revolutionary power source that involved actual clouds.

  • @Amitz said:
    Over the years, I have tried several DediServe locations and never was too impressed by their network. No, I did not contact their support about it this time. It was just another proof for me that them and myself are not the right fit.

    We invest well in our upstream and our networks are excellent - if you are seeing routing to specific locations, do let us know, and bear in mind our default uplinks are 250Mbps (about 30MB/s absolute theoretical max)

  • I am working on new complete benchmark for dediserve but up to this moment

    I did not see low numbers like what have been posted here for Frankfurt location

    Actually the latest set of results are higher !

    Thanked by 2vimalware dediserve
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