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which vps that adopt openvz,xen or kvm is best ?
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which vps that adopt openvz,xen or kvm is best ?

Hello guys,

I am new guy in here.I want to introduce myself but the section is closed.

OK,let's talk about our topic.
I love xen-vps.and you?give your views and reasons.

Thank you ahead.


  • rds100rds100 Member
    edited June 2016

    Some love popcorn. Others love poptarts. I prefer blondes... or brunettes, or red haired.

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator, Veteran

    Too broad a question.

    I like OvZ for its easy reinstall and cheap price.

    I like KVM because I can partition the disk as I please, run whatever OS I want, can do more kernel stuff, etc. Some KVM does allow easy reinstall.

    Personally, I never found a use for Xen...all my needs are covered by OvZ or KVM.

  • maybe i will try OvZ and KVM.

  • i am using OpenVZ for Backup because of so cheap price.

  • that is why i come here.get new ideas.Low end talk is pretty good.

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  • jtkjtk Member

    My preference is KVM. Xen is able to run on some older hardware that KVM cannot, but that is less important today. One inconvenience, for me, with Xen is that I can't easily upgrade a guest OS (kernel) before the Xen host has support for it.

    As a consumer (and an operator generally), OpenVZ is cheaper and fairly easy to work with, but here too you lose some independence and flexibility in the guest OS.

    My sense is that KVM and OpenVZ will continue to have sizeable target audiences. While Xen is still very popular and widely deployed in many environments (especially because many know it well and are comfortable with it), KVM appears to be preferred over it for new installations.

    Each may have their advantages. Which is best is highly subjective.

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  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator, Veteran

    Thomas001 said: I love xen-vps

    Thomas001 said: maybe i will try OvZ and KVM.

    you are fickle :-)

  • netomxnetomx Moderator, Veteran

    3 posts left.... (for a new provider!) - read it with the quake 3 voice

  • I wonder if there are still any real legitimate reasons left to roll with Xen as opposed to KVM as most providers do nowadays?

  • sinsin Member
    edited June 2016

    I prefer KVM, I only have a few OpenVZ vpses and they are with providers I trust (SecureDragon and Ramnode). The only XEN VPSes I have are with MikroVPS and they have been great.

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  • eva2000eva2000 Veteran

    KVM for TCP level optimising and tuning :)

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  • @raindog308 said:

    Thomas001 said: I love xen-vps

    Thomas001 said: maybe i will try OvZ and KVM.

    you are fickle :-)
    after "fickle",I will learn new things.

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  • OVZ coz I can oversell it. Xen/KVM is so bad. Never use it in your life.

    1. OpenVZ

    10. KVM

    11. Xen

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  • ElnarRElnarR Member

    I prefer OpenVZ but all depends from your tasks. The main feature of OVZ is a common core for all containers. This provide a more high calculation speed, but also drags some drawbacks, for example slow work with a disk. But using SSD's can partially resolve this problem.

    But if you need to strictly limit the resources of each container, KVM is a good choice.

  • elgselgs Member
    edited June 2016

    OpenVZ pros: smaller footprint, fast to create, quota can be change on the fly; cons: shared kernel with host, little control over kernel, can be easily accessed from host. I think KVM pros roughly equals to !(OpenVZ cons), and KVM cons roughly equals to !(OpenVZ pros).

    Conclusion: go for OpenVZ if you own the host node, you don't need to load custom kernel modules, and KVM otherwise.

    KVM is built in modern Linux kernels natively and therefore are open source and free. Xen and VMWare probably provide more advanced functions like moving vm around host nodes without even restarting the vm. However, these advanced features may not be free. My $.02.

  • I personally prefer KVM. In my experience it certainly is more flexible (e.g. multiple storage volumes, drivers, ability to run own kernel etc.) than OpenVZ.

    A large number of users (at least that I meet from LowEndTalk) prefer OpenVZ, not only for its easy ability to re-install and get started with as others mentioned but as they are generally cheaper.

  • Xen in past very good before launching of KVM, now a days KVM is used by many hosting provider as its providing good stable environment to host virtual servers.

  • raynorraynor Member
    edited July 2016

    OpenVZ for storage/backup VPS. Simple and effective, but old kernel usually.
    KVM for production VPS. Advanced system configuration for root, any OS.
    And you dont need Xen anymore after these two :)

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