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Software RAID1 (/boot) setup with CentOS7
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Software RAID1 (/boot) setup with CentOS7

arunarun Member

Can anyone please recommend the best way to setup /boot on RAID1.

  1. /boot on RAID partition + GRUB installed on both disks
  2. Use CentOS 7 installer create /boot from two disks and make device type RAID 1 (LVM + xfs).

CentOS latest version have GUI for creating RAID device. Internally are they doing /boot on RAID partition + GRUB.

Please suggest me if any better solutions.


  • smansman Member
    edited June 2016

    Definitely boot on a RAID partition. However, the bootloader should go on the MBR on both disks. I think the default in Anaconda is to install the bootloader on one of the disks MBRs. You have to manually install it on the second disks MBR after the OS install.

    A lot of people are not aware of that until the primary disk fails and their system doesn't boot. That's how I ended up figuring that out. At that point you would need to boot from a recovery disk and install the bootloader on the MBR that way. Not something you want to be doing on a production server in an emergency situation.

    You also have the option to install the bootloader on the RAID partition but installing on MBR is better imho.

    /boot does not need to be on a separate partition and a lot of people don't seem to do that anymore. Don't think it makes as much sense on modern hardware with modern filesystems. I put / including /boot on the same partition. It simplifies things and simpler is often better. Sort of depends on what you are doing.

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