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OVH/Kimsufi Adding IPs
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OVH/Kimsufi Adding IPs

I've tried googling on how add IPs to an existing Kimsufi server, and to try to find out how many you get with a KS-4C. I need a total of 5 usable. If a /29 was included or it wasn't $8 to add 4 more, I can see how $24 for the 4C looks like a reasonable deal.

If I ask these questions through the ticket system in my control panel for my existing KS-2, will I get any useful answers?


  • I'm fairly certain they don't offer additional IPs through Kimsufi, unless that changed recently. You need SYS or OVH directly.

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  • TomTom Member

    Kimsufi offers no extra IPs.

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  • PwnerPwner Member

    Every Kimsufi model comes with 1 IPv4, no exceptions.

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  • Might have to GRE tunnel it from a VPS

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  • gigavestgigavest Member
    edited May 2016

    No additional ips for Kimsufi box, SYS supports up to 32 IPs and 256 IPs on OVH

    Get a VPS that provides multiple IPs located in the same location, tunnel it and route the IPs to your KS. But with that additional cost, its better just to get a dedi at SYS.

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  • Thanks for all the help. I've looked at OVH and don't see any server I can buy with a /29 that is close to $25. So I'll keep looking to see if I can snag a KS-1 one of these days as $6 for an IP and dedicated server seems like a good deal.

  • energyxenergyx Member

    @MTUser2012 said:
    So I'll keep looking to see if I can snag a KS-1 one of these days as $6 for an IP and dedicated server seems like a good deal.

    I managed to grab one last week, and so far it's working great. It didn't have one of the 1TB "free" upgrades that some have seen and it's in France, but it is an N2800 and the drive only has about 18 months of use according to SMART. Rock solid so far.

  • msg7086msg7086 Member

    They only provide additional IPs for mid and high end product lines.

  • Strictly no additional IP's for KS boxes. That's final !

  • WebProjectWebProject Host Rep, Veteran
    edited May 2016

    To correct above SYS supports up to 128 IPs and no restrictions of IPs on OVH, unless you do have old server and it was some restrictions in past.

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