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How to migrate website from ssh root to cpanel
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How to migrate website from ssh root to cpanel

pankajc06pankajc06 Member


I have one website which is hosted on cloud unmanaged & I have only root user name & password now i want to migrate to another hosting which have cpanel

how to do that ? is it possible


  • tommytommy Member

    to your own web hosting company :P (check his signature) LOL LOL LOL


    do you asking?

  • Linux is quite dynamic, so definitely possible :)

  • MunMun Member

    scp -r User@old-server:/path/to/files /new/server/file/location

  • raindog308raindog308 Administrator, Veteran

    To be clear, you're not going cpanel-to-cpanel, right?

    Yes it can be done, but it'll be manual. At a very high level:

    • create the accounts/domains in cpanel/WHM
    • create whatever MySQL DBs you need in cpanel
    • assuming they're primary domains, copy everything in your html root to the user's public_html
    • backup the databases, copy the MySQL dumps, and then restore them on the new cpanel server
    • modify whatever config in whatever web apps you use (e.g., Wordpress) to point to the new dbs and credentials. There may be other paths, etc. you'll need to change - it really could be anything and presumably you know your apps. Also things like IMG SRC paths, etc. may need to change.
  • Exercise caution when handling database names and users ie
    database name in cpanel will be "account_dbname"
    user name will be "account_username"
    relevant changes in scripts using database will be required

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