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Best personal virtualization platform?
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Best personal virtualization platform?

swainswain Member

Hi all!

I just recently upgraded from my cluster of lowend VM's to one dedicated server and i would like to set up some VM's for little side projects. My host machine is running ubuntu 14.04 and would love some insight as to what you guys are running for your personal virtualization setups. The last time I setup virtualization on a headless box I ended up using virtualbox with virtualboxphp and the performance seemed lackluster.

Any insight would be awesome ! thanks


  • Why not using proxmox?

    Thanked by 1dragon2611
  • david_Wdavid_W Member

    I use qemu-kvm + docker for smaller projects.

  • AmitzAmitz Member

    Proxmox has always been my choice in such a case.

  • KuJoeKuJoe Member, Host Rep

    I run ESXi if I need something advanced and plan on running Windows. I run OpenVZ on the servers where I know I'll only ever run linux VPSs and need something fast, solid, and flexible.

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  • mik997mik997 Member

    running 3 Ubuntu 14.04 VMs on vSphere6 free on a lowend server and it's rock solid .. very happy with VM benchmark performance also ;)

  • javax1javax1 Member


    I use it for my software development needs and it's great. I run KVM vms with CentOS installed on them.

  • LiteServerLiteServer Member, Patron Provider

    I would vote for Proxmox. Great all-in-one solution, and easy to setup.
    Other option you could consider is using Virtualbox on a Ubuntu host. Works pretty good too :-)

  • RIYADRIYAD Member, Host Rep

    Use proxmox

  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Host Rep

    Proxmox is control panel and not virtualization, I like KVM and Xen HVM virtualizations.

  • edited May 2016

    @WebProject said:
    Proxmox is control panel and not virtualization

    Thank you. I don't get it when people recommend Proxmox when asked about virtualization technology choices.

  • RalliasRallias Member

    I like just using libvirt.

    What you can do is setup libvirt on your server, you know, all those shenanigans, the install libvirt and qemu-kvm, and then you can use a program called 'virt-manager', which allows you to control those machines remotely.

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  • Why not using proxmox?

  • budi1413budi1413 Member
    edited May 2016


    Well he said:

    @swain said:
    personal virtualization setups

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  • +1 for Proxmox, Supports KVM VM's + LXC containers, is stable and it works.

    As for people moaning about proxmox being a control panel and not a hypervisor whilst that is techincally correct it's all nicely packaged together to make using KVM/LXC a doddle and it's free.

    Also the op asked for a platform not a specific hypervisor.

  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Host Rep
    edited May 2016

    the best for personal usage will be XenCenter, as you can create the Xen HVM VPS and VMs will have own kernel, kernel modules and almost like dedicated servers.

  • agoldenbergagoldenberg Member, Host Rep

    +1 for proxmox. Use it for personal and business and love it!

  • msg7086msg7086 Member

    I use ESXi myself, free and solid.

  • OVZ

  • RaymiiRaymii Member

    I like running bare LXC/LXD containers nowdays on ubuntu. My second choice is proxmox, specially if you want more enterprisey features like shared storage and clustering. it has a nice web ui as well.

  • @WebProject said:
    the best for personal usage will be XenCenter, as you can create the Xen HVM VPS and VMs will have own kernel, kernel modules and almost like dedicated servers.

    So very similar to KVM, in which case I agree with every one else. Proxmox since it supports KVM and LXC

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