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let's encrypt panel / manager ?
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let's encrypt panel / manager ?

KeyJeyKeyJey Member

Hi, I would like to start to generate let's encrypc certs starting with a shared hosting where I do have a hosted WHMCS, but I wonder if is there any place where I can manage all certs and get / generate the CSR / CRTs and keys ... all in same place .....

Any idea ? thanks


  • With it, it is as simple as running a command line. If you really want, you could throw a small script but in the end it would be simplier to follow
    With the way it is now, you could just do the command to generate them first, then once that is done, about every x days you could run the renew command, "letsencrypt renew" with a cron job.

    Thanked by 1KeyJey
  • KeyJeyKeyJey Member

    Thanks mate .... I'm so lazy for some things ..... lol ;)

  • ATHKATHK Member

    WHMCS seems to have a lets encrypt module Buyshared has it on their LA WHMCS.

    Maybe ask Fran?

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