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Cheap dedi provider at Telehouse II or InterXIon Paris
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Cheap dedi provider at Telehouse II or InterXIon Paris

gbshousegbshouse Member, Host Rep
edited February 2013 in Providers

Hi Lads

I'm looking for cheap dedi provider at Telehouse II Paris or InterXIon. Any suggestions?



  • jaakkajaakka Member
    edited February 2013

    There arent any. Its a strictly colocation facility. However Swiftway may also be able to help to make a RTO deal.
    Its also an old building low on power. Youd be best suited to go with Magny-Les-Hameaux facilities.

  • gbshousegbshouse Member, Host Rep

    We need this location because interconnection to few IXs

  • Then its best to contact Telehouse directly.

  • Good luck, TH only does full cabinets there-

  • ServerSharpServerSharp Member, Host Rep

    Ask EDIS if they co-lo there.

  • As others said Telehouse is a strictly colo facility, we have probably some space but crossconnects in Telehouse are expensive and monthly recurring.

  • Yes, in most cases also only SMF is available. Much better to go to a new facility. Almost all of the french exchanges are dead and worthless ( some old ones doing under a few hundred mbps ) activity.

    The only exchange worth connecting is france-ix based on traffic/prefixes and it is in 9 pops:

    If you consider that you have quite a few more options and may find someone willing to do per-u with a cross-connect.

  • Yea, InterXIon is the best bet probably - They offer CAT6 for a one time fee (around 100EUR) if the contract of the colo provider is from before 2013 (changed now for new contracts).
    A colo provider is also more likely to accept a Cat6 crossconnect (which comes independent from a patchpanel) than to connect you to his patchpanel or even need to convert fiber to ethernet on a switch for you.

  • gbshousegbshouse Member, Host Rep

    @William - any suggestions regarding InterXIon?

  • hostmaster24 seems to provide dedicated there. had a quick chat.

  • No, it's nearly impossible to get anything in France at all under a fullrack

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