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How to delete my "wall"
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How to delete my "wall"

The recent disgusting spam has filled up my so-called wall. I don't need any wall and think it's a stupid idea. Can I disable it? How do I delete comments on it?


  • Wait for a moderator, they'll delete this crap for you

    Thanked by 1Ole_Juul
  • AmitzAmitz Member

    Should be cleaned now... ;-)

  • ehabehab Member

    is there posed to be a postcount for new members to add a new thread?

  • hawchawc Moderator, LIR

    Can I have the top post on my wall removed please as well?

  • AmitzAmitz Member
    edited April 2016

    ehab said: is there posed to be a postcount for new members to add a new thread?

    No. Probably the beauty of Vanilla. But it's okay. It's part of the moderator fun. LET would not be the same without someone going nuts from time to time. This time it was that @mafiadon guy who came back after being banned already. Some people have too much time.

    Thanked by 1ehab
  • Can I have the post from @ones deleted as well? Thanks

  • AmitzAmitz Member

    I have manually deleted some of the offending wall posts, but I will not do this in general, so please refrain from further requests. Those wall postings by banned members are often useful for us to judge and trace back their deeds if they register again.

  • K4Y5K4Y5 Member

    @Amitz Can I please have the lone post deleted from my wall as well? I prefer my walls clean & disinfected.

  • AmitzAmitz Member

    Done. I will close this thread now to avoid further requests. I guess the OP's request has been answered. ;-)

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