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Promox set IP
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Promox set IP

mrbombommrbombom Member
edited April 2016 in Help

Problem solved. Thanks all friend


  • What was the issue with the Windows VM?

    Could you not connect externally to anything, I can see both RX & TX counters shows traffic passing, so I would guess it is a difference in the network card setup on Promox side.

  • Try configuring the .20 address on the Windows VM?

  • Windowns no access internet ,

  • linuxthefishlinuxthefish Member
    edited April 2016

    @mrbombom said:
    Windowns no access internet ,

    You shouldn't have the IP address configured on the host node, only in the VPS.

    I can SSH to, which means the host node is using the IP and not the windows VPS.

  • I have test with 20 .19 but unsuccessfully for windows. Conversely when I configured the server centos success.

  • @linuxthefish : I testto change to .20 centos. It works well, whereas I failed to .19 in Windows machine

  • use template for windows ? Try install via ISO and use DNS google

  • MunMun Member

    You don't configure the ips on proxmox itself. You simply add them on the vm itself. The vm bridge takes care of the rest.

  • @vpsdedicated : Win 2k8 . i have use DNS google , but not work :(

  • edited April 2016

    Have you tried the following configuration?

    Remove ALL the networking configuration from eth0 on proxmox.
    Create a network bridge on Proxmox, and bridge it with eth0.

    Configure the bridge to use the IP, the subnet mask, and the gateway

    Reboot to apply the updates (Proxmox will ask you to).

    After reboot, create a new VM. When it asks for the network adaptor, select "vmbr0".

    After installing the Windows VM, use the next IP ( in the network configuration along with the subnet mask and the gateway.

  • hmm, tested all IPs, ssh okay

  • Problem solved. Thanks all friend

  • mrbombom said: Problem solved. Thanks all friend

    I don't see the problem posted in the original post. That could be useful to those who read threads in order to learn things.

  • mrbombom said: Problem solved.

    How was the problem solved? This thread has turned into a waste of space for the next person to come along

    Thanked by 2Ole_Juul Pwner
  • @Ole_Juul : I have edit my post ;)

  • mrbombom said: I have edit my post ;)

    Yes, of course I see that. That is why I'm complaining. (duh!) So how are to know what it said before?

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