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[TUTORIAL]How To Speed Up Apache With Mod Pagespeed And Memcache
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[TUTORIAL]How To Speed Up Apache With Mod Pagespeed And Memcache

this tutorial tested on debian 8 and working as well

**1 Requirements

Debian 8 with Apache web server installed.

Root access to the server

2 Installing mod_pagespeed

Debian 64 bit

cd /tmp wget dpkg -i mod-pagespeed-stable_current_amd64.deb

Debian 32 bit

cd /tmp
dpkg -i mod-pagespeed-stable_current_i386.deb

**restart apache

service apache2 restart

3 Installing Memcached

apt-get install memcached

And check with the command "netstat -tap | grep memcached" if memcached is running

netstat -tap | grep memcached

The result:

root@localhost:/tmp# netstat -tap | grep memcached

tcp 0 0 localhost:11211 *:* LISTEN 35396/memcached

In the output, we see the port were Memcached is listening on: 11211, we need that port for the next step.

Configure mod_pagespeed to use memcached

nano /etc/apache2/mods-available/pagespeed.conf

find the line

# ModPagespeedMemcachedServers localhost:11211

and remove the #, so that it looks like this:
ModPagespeedMemcachedServers localhost:11211

If you have plenty of memory in your server, then you can get a further speedup by removing the # in front of this line:

ModPagespeedCreateSharedMemoryMetadataCache "/var/cache/mod_pagespeed/" 51200

restart apache

service apache2 restart

Now mod_pagespeed will use memcached as storage backend. You can get usage statistics from memcached with the following command:

    echo stats | nc 11211

root@localhost:/tmp# echo stats | nc 11211

STAT pid 35396

STAT uptime 72

STAT time 1458293309

STAT version 1.4.21

STAT libevent 2.0.21-stable

STAT pointer_size 64

STAT rusage_user 0.008000

STAT rusage_system 0.000000

STAT curr_connections 5

STAT total_connections 6

STAT reserved_fds 20

STAT cmd_get 0

STAT cmd_set 0

STAT cmd_flush 0

STAT cmd_touch 0

STAT get_hits 0

STAT get_misses 0

STAT delete_misses 0

STAT delete_hits 0

STAT incr_misses 0

STAT incr_hits 0

STAT decr_misses 0

STAT decr_hits 0

STAT cas_misses 0

STAT cas_hits 0

STAT cas_badval 0

STAT touch_hits 0

STAT touch_misses 0

STAT auth_cmds 0

STAT auth_errors 0

STAT bytes_read 6

STAT bytes_written 0

STAT limit_maxbytes 67108864

STAT accepting_conns 1

STAT listen_disabled_num 0

STAT threads 4

STAT conn_yields 0

STAT hash_power_level 16

STAT hash_bytes 524288

STAT hash_is_expanding 0

STAT malloc_fails 0

STAT bytes 0

STAT curr_items 0

STAT total_items 0

STAT expired_unfetched 0

STAT evicted_unfetched 0

STAT evictions 0

STAT reclaimed 0

STAT crawler_reclaimed 0

STAT lrutail_reflocked 0


Press [ctrl] + c to get back to the command prompt.

best regards


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