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What's ABC-Hosters like these days?
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What's ABC-Hosters like these days?

I'm cheap, but tired of NAT servers. I've got a couple $15/yr VPS from RamNode and they're awesome, but wanted to explore downwards. After looking and Googling a lot of low end offers, I think ABC-Hosters looks good. I see mixed reviews from the past, but they've been around for a while now (which is a good thing) and they may have learnt a thing or two.

Would like to hear comments abut them, and particularly about their $7, $10, and $12 Paris offer.


  • YmpkerYmpker Member
    edited April 2016

    I am with them for about 6 months on a yearly vps and cant complain. Everything running smooth :) Owner @rickey318 is very nice and helpful!

    Thanked by 2Ole_Juul rickey318
  • K4Y5K4Y5 Member

    I ordered one yesterday, and it seems to perform rather well.

    Thanked by 1Ole_Juul
  • @K4Y5 said:

    I ordered one yesterday, and it seems to perform rather well.

    Personally I don't recommend VirtWire as I had some trouble with them. Performed well while it worked but then one of my yearly machines wasnt accessible via ssh anymore and I also couldnt reinstall from their cp anymore (which atleast shouldve been possible) and was told by the staff that they dont offer support for the budget vps, which I obviously was aware of, however offering software level support and offering support for their cp not working are different Id say. I should have been atleast able to reinstall my vps. Well now it is rotting away^^

    Thanked by 1Ole_Juul
  • What control panel do they offer?

  • Coop31 said: What control panel do they offer?


  • rickey318rickey318 Member, Host Rep

    Hello Ole_Juul, thanks for bringing our company up. Yes, we have been around for a few years now. Started off a little bumpy but, we have fix all of that and focused one one streamline of service. Currently our Paris Nodes are in Softlayer Datacenter which has been a great investment for us and our users. We have looking to add more locations within this year and go from there. But, feel free to give us a try and see what we can offer you next great project or test server.

    Thanked by 2Ole_Juul Ympker
  • Thanks Rickey. I just now set up a Small France $12/yr VPS.

    Thanked by 1rickey318
  • I am using their Paris OpenVZ VPS for serving static websites and it works great! :) I recommend them.

    Thanked by 1rickey318
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