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Backup solution using Amazon Cloud Drive? (Linux)
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Backup solution using Amazon Cloud Drive? (Linux)

stabstab Member

Does anyone have a suggestion on a good backup solution using ACD on Linux platforms?

Ideally, it should be both encrypted and incremental. I love attic/borgbackup, but it doesn't really work with ACD. Mounting your ACD account with acd_cli FUSE is rather sketchy at this point, and attic/borg refuses to work on a FUSE-mounted ACD drive, I believe because ACD doesn't store modified dates for files.

As of right now, the only native solution I've found is Duplicati, which is an approved ACD software. But it requires Mono and seems very slow and somewhat buggy. I was never a big fan of Duplicity, which Duplicati is a fork of.

Does anyone use ACD for their regular backups and if so, how? I want to backup 4+ TB of data, so incremental is best. Again, Duplicati requires full backups every so often, which is tough.


  • BochiBochi Member

    Switched from hubiC to ACD a few months ago and everything works fine.
    I am using duply as a "frontend" for duplicity in combination with acd_cli and this:

  • I ise rclone with amazon cloud drive, but I haven't used it for backups yet.

    Some people mentioned a file size limit of 50 GB, does anybody know if that is true? That would suck for backups of VMs.

  • stabstab Member

    rclone is cool, but it's not really a great backup solution on its own. It really needs something on top of that for encryption etc.

    I suppose almost anything could work in a way, such as a local attic/borg repository which is then rcloned to ACD, but that requires a lot of free space at home to maintain the repository.

  • I've been using rclone it works fairly well for my usage.

  • stabstab Member
    edited April 2016

    So I tried this using borg:

    Backup laptop to a borg respository on USB HDD attached to a Raspberry Pi.

    rclone borg repository to ACD

    Mount borg repository over acd_cli FUSE mount

    This does work pretty well. The only issue is that restoring from the backup seems rather slow, but I think this will work for now.

  • MikePTMikePT Moderator, Patron Provider, Veteran

    We're using rclone here :-).

    It works great.

  • stabstab Member

    You guys don't care about storing unencrypted files on the magical cloud in the sky?

    Or how are you using it?

  • stab said: You guys don't care about storing unencrypted files on the magical cloud in the sky?

    Or how are you using it?

    Backing up a Plex server and a couple MacBooks and a iMac.

    Anything personal of mine that I don't want in the cloud gets stored in a local backup solution.

  • NikkiNikki Member

    Thanks for the mention @srvrpro

    The project linked does exactly what you need, encrypts it, and provides an http/ftp(s) interface, but with the use case mentioned, incremental probably won't work with this.

    Thanked by 2deadbeef srvrpro
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