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Looking for a Dedicated or VPS that allows IRC
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Looking for a Dedicated or VPS that allows IRC

Hi, dedicated or vps support install ircu and gnuworld irc services


  • K4Y5K4Y5 Member

    Includes DDoS protection for those special occasions when you have to boot the skiddies out.

  • If there is not spam activity on OVH the things work good but if yes you will get kicked.
    I have read that AlbaHost got kicked for hosting IRC.

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  • AlbaHostAlbaHost Member, Host Rep
    edited April 2016

    OVH does not allow irc services. But if you want we can do it in our another location which we allow irc and ddos protection is included aswell.

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  • @Jai said:

    Please take a look on our VPSPro service. We allow it as we have own irc server linked to a network.

    If you receive DDoS contact us when ordered that we will optimize protections for that service

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