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[For "sale"] mKS 2G (save $20)
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[For "sale"] mKS 2G (save $20)

orditeckorditeck Member
edited February 2013 in Offers

Hey guys,

this is my first message here so, Hello, I come here often to read :-)
I hope this kind of message is legal here. If not, don't hesitate to tell me.

That being said, I ordered a mKS 2G + Plesk licence on for 6 months.
I used 1 month of service and can't get a refund. I won't use the server so if someone would like to pay me and get the server I'd be happy. I'm leaving because I just learned that OVH now has a datacenter in Beauharnois, QC, Canada and I live in QC, Canada :-)

Kimsufi mKS 2G - 6 months From 13-01-2013 to 13-07-2013
Plesk license 30 domains - 6 months From 13-01-2013 to 13-07-2013
Additional IP - 6 months From 13-01-2013 to 13-07-2013
Processor: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N2800 @ 1.86GHz

I paid €107.94.
I asked a refund from for €89.95 (5 months of services)
I'd like to get $100USD (€75) back, you save $20.
If I see that my offer is not popular I'm ready to take the best offer.

If you need anything please let me know.


  • It's nice that you've got the n2800 on the 2G plan, but I doubt anyone will pay you 75 euro for this. I'd be interested for a lower price.

  • orditeckorditeck Member
    edited February 2013

    What is your offer? :-) (in USD)

  • I have no real use for the plesk license but the other services are interesting to me.

  • jbxl I understand this is a restriction but the Plesk licence have been paid for 6 months too so it has to come with the server. I don't think it is transferable.

  • Yeah, its not transferrable. I'll think what I can offer. I'm interested, just not sure I have the money this week.

  • Just made a fresh install.
    Main IP:
    Failover IP:

  • $80 USD, you save $40

  • WebProjectWebProject Member, Host Rep

    @orditeck said: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N2800 @ 1.86GHz

    it's netbook processor, very slow and it's not designed for server!!

  • orditeckorditeck Member
    edited February 2013

    Well we're not here to debate about the processor and I must admit I don't know that much about processors.

    However this is a budget dedicated server which seems very popular, and I'm almost sure that if the largest hosting provider in Europe choose this processor for that much servers, it must be good for a loooot of people.

    But hey, thanks for that very useful comment.

  • rm_rm_ Member, IPv6 Advocate
    edited February 2013

    @WebProject said: it's netbook processor, very slow

    It's the best processor you could have ever got on that mKS2G offer.
    It is a dual core + hyperthreading CPU, 2x2=4 virtual cores.
    Runs a Web server a MySQL DB and a bunch of other tasks for me more than very nicely.

  • To everyone: Make a reasonable offer and you'll probably get it :-)

  • Please do it publicly, don't send PM :-)

  • $60 USD, you save 50%.

  • I'd take it for $35.

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