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Cheap and stable >256MB VPS in EU (KVM prefered)
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Cheap and stable >256MB VPS in EU (KVM prefered)

info_hashinfo_hash Member
edited March 2016 in Help

Hi friends.

I'm looking for a cheap (<12USD/y) and reliable VPS to set up a small personal mail server. I'm looking for something with at least 256MB RAM and a 5GB HDD.

I'd prefer it to be in EU and a KVM would be better than OpenVZ for privacy and also because I'd like to use BSD...

Any good offers? My search ended up with not much, but maybe my budget is too low for KVM - as there are some good offers with OpenVZ (like time4vps). Arubacloud is a bit over budget but might do the trick; but I'm not sure I want to trust them and they don't seem to offer any BSD image or custom ISO.



  • Maybe in france ovh ?
    I have there 256mb 10usd/year openvz they are good
    In eu I think you can get kvm under 15usd/year.Cheapest is arubacloud

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  • bersybersy Member
    edited March 2016

    Stable 256MB KVM for under $12/year in EU? It's barely possible.

    You haven't mention a dedicated IPv4, so if NAT IPv6 is OK, take a look at LittleHappyCloud, it's $13.5 though. I have been using them since summer with no complaints, but VM of mine comes with dedicated IP (their promo).

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  • Thanks guys!

  • We should be able to sort something out for you within that price range. Please drop us an email.

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  • NyrNyr Member, Community Contributor

    @bersy a dedicated IPv4 is needed for email.

    Your budget is very limited so Aruba is your only KVM option. I certainly wouldn't trust them for privacy/email, but that's it.

    To be honest you can't really get "reliable" for $12/year, so either you get something like Time4VPS/Aruba which are ok for the price but maybe not for your needs or you increase your budget.

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  • Nyr said: you can't really get "reliable" for $12/year

    Yeah, sounds like I'll have to up my budget a bit or go the OpenVZ route, and forget the *BSD dream...

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