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VPS Client Resource Usage Monitoring
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VPS Client Resource Usage Monitoring

aiuraiur Member
edited February 2013 in General

Hi, I just got my fist VPS, very exciting. I'm offering free registration for my unused portion of resources in a forum. However, I found some guys trying to run high resource (CPU, memory) usage scripts and I can not tell who used up all my memory...
Do you guys have any suggestions on how to monitor each clients' resource usage? Thanks a lot!
BTW, - I'm using Kloxo as the control panel.


  • sleddogsleddog Member
    edited February 2013


    If the resource-hogging processes are owned by 'nobody' or 'www-data' then they are likely script-driven websites, probably PHP. You need to run PHP as cgi processes owner by each account user instead of the webserver user.

    Generally, offering free services to anonymous people on the internet is a recipe for disaster, unless you have some sysadmin skills and lots of free time -- and welcome a challenge.

  • jarjar Member, Patron Provider

    If you see "perl" using 100% cpu, get ready to explain yourself to your provider ;)

  • @jarland said: get ready to explain yourself to your provider

    He may want to do that anyway :)

  • are right, my initial condition was just to play for fun...learn some techniques as you can see. I hope I have enough time, thanks sleddog for your suggestion

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