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1U + 1.5A near NYC
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1U + 1.5A near NYC

flyfly Member
edited February 2013 in General

03:47 < kbar> does anyone have unused 1U + 1.5A in or near metro NY area that they would be interested in leasing out?

pm me here or on irc
looking for somewhere around 50mbit-100mbit, less than 200GB of transfer per month, looking to pay ~40 usd obo


  • TheHackBoxTheHackBox Member
    edited February 2013

    ColoCrossing (contact Jon)

  • RobertClarkeRobertClarke Member, Host Rep

    What IRC server/channel?

  • #lowendbox

  • qpsqps Member, Host Rep
    edited February 2013

    $40 per month is unlikely to happen in the NYC area. Power and space are both not cheap in the NYC market. If you increase your budget a bit, there may be some options.

  • doesn't actually have to be in the city; I just want a reasonable drive from NJ

  • The only affordable colo I've seen locally in NJ is

  • Haven't priced it, but the ever popular offers out of same facility as Constant in NJ.

  • Everywhere around New York, space will be expensive. Same in Chicago, in 350 E Cermak, space and power are very very expensive. Well, pretty much everything is expensive in high class datacenters like 350 E Cermak.

  • Atlantic Metro has good network and in the NYC metro. Isn't $40, but probably one of the lower every day prices out there:

  • Depending on what your needs truly are @fly, you can get low latency to NYC/NJ area from Pennsylvania, most of New England and down to Virginia.

    I'd enlarge my acceptable area, unless you need very low latency to financial or other similar types of systems in NYC.

  • edited February 2013

    @pubcrawler said: Pennsylvania

    Yes, I agree 100%. Scranton will offer you a much much lower price tag, but still low latency and good speeds. Even Dacentec could be a good option.

  • Scranton is alright. I am not a fan of though. It's the FDCServers equivalent of the US East Coast.

    I'd avoid Mega Colo since folks inevitably run into that when expanding range (that's the Commercial Media unreal offer on LEB that isn't delivering --- same company).

    Couple resellers in DC metro - Virginia to find and see offers from.

  • well, i said earlier in this thread that if it's within a drivable distance of NJ, I don't care.

    I guess i can define that as within a couple hours

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