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Clarification with Iperweb and Prometeus
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Clarification with Iperweb and Prometeus

sdotsensdotsen Member
edited February 2013 in General

I'm looking for a very low end vps for dns purposes in EU. I came across prometeus' umbrella company. Any differences between Iperweb and prometeus in terms of support?

I'm not looking for managed support, just wondering what the differences are between the two divisions.


  • same thing I believe

  • There is only another company, mostly for law and tax reasons.
    Iperweb uses hostbill and prometeus whmcs because we intend to launch a real cloud service and hostbill is much better for this.
    Right now, you can say we are testing the billing platform and learning it, it happened a few times to miss some tickets, but hope it wont happen again :)
    Other notable difference is that Iperweb LTD is VAT free at this time and mostly uses yearly payments for low end plans while Prometeus does not sell those much anymore with monthly payments because the fees and abuse rates are too high.

  • Thanks for the clarification!

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