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Need some help setting up a proxy
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Need some help setting up a proxy

drmikedrmike Member
edited August 2011 in Help


I'm trying to setup a proxy to my vps so i ca view some of the security sites that need to checking things out on. I've done this previously on my old windows laptop but I haven't done this on a linux laptop before. What port number do use if I'm trying to tel Firefox to use the local console which has the ssh connection to the vps?


edit I found this:

When I write the ssh connect line, I'm not using a port number. I would assume that means the ssh c0nnection is on 22 but firefox still isn;t seeing it.


  • You put whatever port you used in the -D option into your browser. Not port 22.

  • I didn't put anything. That's the whole point. I'm trying to figure out what the default is.

    Sorry if I wasn't clear.

  • NickWNickW Member
    edited August 2011

    You can use whatever you like :). 1080, 3128 and 8080 are ports commonly used by proxies.

    ssh -D 1080 -p 22 [email protected]

    and set Firefox to with port 1080 (or whatever you used). This is a SOCKS proxy by the way.

  • circuscircus Member
    edited August 2011

    @drmike like @NickW said, I think you will need a port number for -D option.

    Off topic, If anyone want to set up a quick vpn via ssh (without tun and proxy setting in every apps) you can use sshuttle

    first, you'll need to install python in your vps (you don't need sshuttle in your vps), then download (git clone it) and run sshuttle as root (or sudo) in your client/home computer.

    # ./sshuttle -r username@sshserver 0/0 -vv

    if your ssh is listening to non standard port or uses rsa-key, do it like this

    #./sshuttle -r  username@sshserver -e 'ssh -p <your ssh port> -i /path/to/your/key' 0/0 -vv

    sshuttle will automatically set up ssh tunnel and redirect all your traffic to that, so you don't need to set up sock proxy in your browser (or any other apps), in another word it's a poor man vpn tunnel :P (very useful if your vps is vserver or even jail ssh from share hosting)

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