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[UK] Further Discounts on Pure SSD VPS | OnApp / DNS / CDN / Backups
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[UK] Further Discounts on Pure SSD VPS | OnApp / DNS / CDN / Backups

jhjh Member
edited January 2013 in Offers

Our Christmas offer has been extended with additional disk space owing to slightly imbalanced nodes, so get yourself the deal of a lifetime on one of these high performance VPSs with OnApp Cloud :)

5GB of SSD (Intel 520s in Adaptec RAID10)

  • 1GB of SSD SWAP
    384MB DDR3 Memory
    2x Intel Xeon E3-1240V2 Cores
    150GB Bandwidth on 100Mbps
    FREE weekly backups to RAID6 NAS
    1 IPv4 + 1 IPv6

- KVM virtualisation on OnApp control panel
- If it's legal and doesn't kill the server, it's allowed
- Trading since June as KillerIO/VirtIO, no bad reviews yet
- Registered for Self Assessment (tax) in the UK... Not a dodgy show ;)
- Paypal/Bank transfer payments
- Refunds at my discretion

This offer is based in the Maidstone Studios in Kent, UK. Transit is provided by Level3 for great global connectivity, and there is direct peering with Virgin Media for great UK coverage as well.

Order link:
Test file:
Test IP:

Price: £4.25 per month (with no VAT!)


  • @jtodd said: - Trading since June as KillerIO/VirtIO, no bad reviews yet

    That's not really a truthful statement to make, is it? What about the other half a dozen VPS "companies" that you've previously operated?

  • VPNshVPNsh Member, Host Rep

    Perfectly reasonable statement as far as I'm concerned. Past companies and how they were ran do not have anything to do with VirtIO.

    I'm unaware on the situation for others, but James has gone above and beyond to provide a very specific service for me. Great offer here too, hard to find other nodes that perform like these do.

  • jhjh Member

    Please stop trolling @NickM. You're referring to brands, not companies which are completely different things, and besides the services were generally received very positively with the exception of the eventual train-wreck of UKCloud Ltd.

    Thanks @liamwithers, I appreciate your feedback :)

  • Good to see that @jhadley has increased resources while being LEB-price-friendly at the same time

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