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Delimiter doing a Dacentec Colo Refugee Offer
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Delimiter doing a Dacentec Colo Refugee Offer

Not associated, I've criticized them in the past for the way they handled a production box. But I know there are lots of people out there that want their machines moved..

Personally I think that the recent attacks by the guy who is a "very nice and considerate person who should not in any way face justice for his actions" are cowardly but they'll stop. Hopefully that means that Dacentec will also be better. Hopefully. But if you want to jump ship, it's as good an offer as any.

Dacentec Refugee Colo Offer
(If you share this email, please share in it's entirety)

With Dacentec's most recent bout of downtime, we've had a lot of requests for colocation in our Atlanta location. I was able to get approval on a colo-for-refugees offer, but only if a few criteria are met.

First off, we need a minimum of 20 orders. If you order today, please share this with friends who colo at Dacentec and are looking to leave. If we do not hit 20 orders within 1 week, we reserve the right to refund all orders - so do not cancel your colo until this goal has been met. I will send out an announcement with shipping instructions if it is met.

If we receive more than 3 racks worth of customers, we will be able to send a truck to Lenoir to pick up each of your servers. We will co-ordinate this with everyone to allow proper handoff to our team members if this number is met. But expect to ship it yourself (this will cost approximately $20-30 to ship with Fedex Ground from Dacentec to Atlanta, GA 30303).

Our offer, only for current Dacentec Colo customers:

1U Colocation
1A @ 110V
10TB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps
/29 IPv4 Subnet
/64 IPv6 Subnet (on request)
100Mbps IPMI/Management port
Remote Power Management - on/off/reset
Automated OS Installations
Location: Atlanta, GA


Order Here:

Additional power options available on order form. Additional IP addresses can be purchased after your server has been delivered and setup ($1/mo/IP).

Remote hands are billed at $60/hr in 15 minute increments.

IP announcements will remain free for Dacentec refugees, only additional cost is a public VLAN ($5/mo).

Promo Terms

  • Proof of Dacentec refugee status (current colo invoice - in PDF format) must be sent to [email protected] after ordering - easiest if you forward your Delimiter order confirmation with Dacentec PDF invoice attached.

  • Server must have IPMI/KVM - we will not provide a loaner. You will receive a dedicated 100Mbps management port.


Email [email protected]

Michael Yurechko
Sales Manager, Delimiter
[email protected]

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